Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Donald Trump Fawns Over A Brutal Dictator On The Dictator’s Own Turf | D...

It's a lot worse than she describes at the end of this video. The intelligence community has to be totally paralysed by the fear that Trump and/or his sycophant Barr might compromise anything endangering anyone, all for some transient political gain, real or imagined.  All branches of government are suffering greatly because incompetent leaders have been appointed and/or highly skilled positions have not been filled, or filled with unqualified people.  Even worse is that security clearances have been handed out like candy to people who never should have them, largely because they are too easily compromised. 

Even worse yet is the fact that the Senate is unperturbed by this mess and continues to support Trump and all of his unAmerican antics simply to hold onto their seats in Congress. As if all that was not bad enough, the U.S.S.C. has decided that the "one man one vote" doctrine no longer has the high courts support. Thus they have severely crippled the nation which will have to survive the next decade, with one party claiming an unfair advantage over the other, without any possibility of a check or balance. 

It is, for these reasons, a vote for a Republican at just about any level of government, city, state or national office, is a vote to dissolve the U.S. Constitution.

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