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After watching these reports (links below) I had to wonder why AMI's Pecker went so ballistic that, in a panic he threatened Besos, with release of more of the same material, he had already destroyed Jeff's marriage with.

It had to be a panicked response since you don't threaten a target with more of the same stuff you have already used to dramatic effect. Because your "gun" is no longer "loaded", in effect. So why do it?

Well, we have already learned from Rachel Maddow,  that Mueller's cooperation agreement is ironclad. All it takes is the merest hint of a misstep illegal, to trigger the revocation of the forgivenesses and immunities the Special Prosecutor has granted AMI and Pecker.

So, it is, with that in mind,  we can easily speculate that, over the years Pecker has been doing these "catch and kill" acts he would have quite a safe full of "Kompromat" on various notables and that would be something to fear the potential release of.

While one may be doing a greatly appreciated favor for some wealthy and powerful individuals, you also have potential blackmail.material. So the favor cuts both ways.

Just imagine how Pecker must have felt when he suddenly realized that Besos mere accusation of political motives, could cause Mueller and/or the FBI to come calling for the material in his " burn safe".

You see, that's not the kind of stuff you can easily get rid of. If you dispose of it, you lose your hold over the people whose favors you have been relying on. They could come back and retaliate if they have any grievances to settle.

On the other hand, you can't risk having this stuff fall into the hands of the government's criminal investigators either.  Where, the worst of all possible worlds would be to have it discovered that you had Kompromat on high profile political figures.  People like Trump (Who you've already made widely known that you worked for on one occasion) to who knows who else?

Like, for example some Senators or Representatives who have been so desperately seeking to end the investigation or at least slow it down.  Perhaps they have Kompromat already in the hands of Pecker and therefore see the danger of any freewheeling investigation of people who are clearly up to their eyeballs in developing and handling Kompromat (A very useful Russian word eh? I think we'll import it 😆!)

The really nasty part of the matters revealed; that allows this kind of speculation (and that's all it is at this point in time.) is the fact that none of these people holding these sensitive materials are secure from state sponsored intelligence agencies.  Meaning that above all else, our own intelligence agencies need to know if what's being held is innocuous or not.

So, maybe this will all turn out to be nothing, or... We could be seeing the start of a "nuclear" upheaval.  Definitely something to think about and watch how this unfolds.  But yes, these points are definitely something that would provoke sheerest panick in Prickers hands.

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Friday, February 8, 2019

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As President his finances are of prime importance to the public institutions that are charged with keeping and maintaining the integrity of our political operations. Just imagine, if you will, our most sensitive information about troop movements and military and political operations, being given to someone financially beholden to some foreign power.  Or worse, compromised by having tried to protect their foreign assets. It is beyond rediculous to think it is sane to conduct national business that way. But we did because the Republicans wanted power so much that national security came second or even third to their emotionally driven racist agendas.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

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