Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Four Horsemen - Feature Documentary - Official Version

Let's just guess about those passenger lists

There's no reason to trust those passenger manifests. 

Obviously they left the names of the hijackers off the passenger lists because they knew they couldn't trust those names,  so if they'd put them on the passenger lists and they turned up alive as they did, then the passenger lists would lose all credibility and boost the credibility of the no planes theory they dread. 

So,  now that we know the videos are fake, the witnesses are actors, the calls from the planes are fake, would it surprise anyone if the passengers turned out to be fake as well?   Well, everyone's scouring the airport videos looking for Atta & Co., I notice that no one has come across any passengers traipsing through the airports.  Imagine that, 200 passengers at three airports and not one CCTV of anyone of them or even the crews. 

It's very important that they trash the no planes theory since it would rob the media of their last remaining shred of credibility.  They need the media to have some credibility for the next plan to have the desired effect.  I'd guess that before they allowed themselves to be jailed, tried and hung,  they'd much prefer a nuclear war.