Thursday, March 3, 2016


Well, scratch Rebekah Roth,
turns out there's a slew of 911 truther's who have been hoodwinked by her. 
Of course, that doesn't mean that everything she said was false,  even frauds must
use the truth to sell snake oil.  Just means that anything you want to use from her
has to be independently confirmed.  

I won't take her videos down,  because then you wouldn't know that I have been
mistaken too.  Yes dear readers,  I have been mistaken before,  and I'm sure I'll be
mistaken again. But you knew that already right?

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

THIS WILL SHOCK YOU TO YOUR CORE: 9/11 From Cheney to Mossad

Van Jones And Jeffrey Lord Nearly End Up In A Fist Fight Over Trump's KKK Connections

CNN needs to fire Jeffrey Lord if they want to keep the name "News" in their name. His performance with Van Jones tonight was shameful. Utterly shameless and also shameful. It was an insult to every Black person watching, and a mark on the head of any white person who would tolerate such lies.
First, Lord tried to deny Trump's racism and claim Trump had "disavowed" David Duke.

Then he goes to the so-called Republican Establishment to prove he and his pal Trump are no racists. Feigning shock and repulsion, Lord claimed, "Their view of civil rights is to tip the waiter five bucks at the local country club. This is atrocious." READ MORE

Fox’s The Five Defend Donald Trump’s Refusal To Disavow David Duke And The KKK

If ever you needed proof there’s almost nothing Donald Trump can do or say that his loyal Fox News supporters won’t defend, watch The Five turn him into a victim over his refusal to disavow the support of David Duke and the Ku Klux Klan.

Significantly, the show did not play the clip of Trump repeatedly refusing, on CNN’s State of the Union, to disavow Duke to an astounded Jake Tapper. Instead, cohost Eric Bolling began the Fox News discussion by saying Trump “tried to clear up a racially charged controversy involving unsolicited support from former KKK leader David Duke.” Bolling noted that Trump disavowed Duke’s endorsement on Friday but faced criticism for not repeating his repudiation again on the Sunday show. READ MORE

‘Lethal Injection Is Too Comfortable’: What Criminal Justice Could Look Like Under President Trump

CREDIT: AP Photo/John Minchillo
Based on his sweeping Super Tuesday victories, Donald Trump is one giant leap closer to becoming the GOP’s presidential nominee. But the candidate has yet to detail policy platforms for a wide range of topics, including criminal justice.READ MORE

Political humorist John Oliver shatters Trump myths—then ends show with a ZINGER

The HBO talk show host who brings us political comedy seems to get funnier every week. He’s also become quite informative. Last Week Tonight’s John Oliver starts off his February 28 show about someone he has chosen, so far, to ignore — Donald Trump, who is “like a back mole that may have seemed harmless a year ago, but now that he's gotten frighteningly bigger and it’s is no longer wise to ignore him.” In dispelling many of the myths believed about Trump by his followers, John Oliver goes after the Republican frontrunner’s integrity hard, saying:
I’m not even sure he knows he’s lying. I think he just doesn’t know what the truth is.
In his comic way, Oliver begins to stomp out Trump myths.
  • Myth 1: He tells it like it is. Politifact rates 76% of what Trump says as “false” to some degree. Oliver reels off some Trump’s lies, including when the GOP candidate said he was invited on the show with Oliver—five times. Not true. READ MORE

Aircraft Departure Gate Positional Data Conflicts With Government Story

Latitude/Longitude Coordinates Reflect Departure Gate Other Than Reported
02/28/11 - ( It has been reported that American Airlines Flight 77 departed Washington Dulles International Airport at approximately 08:20 AM on the morning of September 11, 2001 allegedly from Terminal Concourse D Gate 26 (1). However, the Flight Data Recorder positional data provided by the National Transportation Safety Board tells a very different story.
The below illustration is a diagram of Dulles Concourse D and their respective gates. It shows Gate D26 on the southwest corner of the terminal. READ MORE

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Communicative Mechanics and Dynamics of Norman Minetta's Observations.

The Communication:

"The Plane is 50 miles out!"

The Mechanics:

This statement says that the speaker is aware of the planes location (how else to know how many miles "out" it is?)  And it says that the speaker is aware of, at least a theoretical destination (how else to know that the distance "out" is 50?) 

The Communicative Dynamics:

Observing that the listener remains silent says that he understands the imports as listed above.  Otherwise there would need to be questions asked to clarify exactly what information is being imparted.  The listener would have to ask "What plane?"  Then; "50 miles from where?"  As well as "Why should this be of importance to me?"  Not asking these questions shows that the listener is already aware of the answers, thus the brief communication above is all that is needed to convey valuable information to the listener.

 At home experiment for you to try:

Go to someone and simply say: "The car is 50 miles away",  to see how many questions you will be asked.  Next,  make some simple remark about a situation that you and your listener are already aware of, such as,  if some one is coming to visit you might say; "She is five minutes away."  then note the absence of questions.  Unlike the first example,  they won't need to know who is five minutes away, or what the destination is. Of course,  they might want to know what route she is taking, and/or how you obtained your information,  but those are not relevant to this missive,  because they are mere curiosity driven questions.

At this point in time you have a right to expect that as Vice President,  with knowledge of a hijacked aircraft headed towards a target in DC., Cheney would immediately place a call to order countermeasures deployed. You might also expect that he would take pains to see that the most likely theoretical targets are warned.  But he instead takes no action and you are left wondering why, until he is interrupted again with news of increasing emergency.

"The Plane is 30 miles out"

The urgency of the above mechanics and dynamics is now seriously increased,  since there is now even less time to act against the illegal, transgressing aircraft as well as less time to issue effective warnings.  Countermeasures, however, can still be effectively called and with the positional knowledge these two men have implied they have,  they can ensure that countermeasures will be more effective than not.  Yet,  with urgency and danger increasing,  the Vice President sits quietly by doing nothing,  now your brain is screaming "WHY???"

The answer to "why?" comes with the final message that: "The plane is 10 miles out..." and the answer as to why the VP is doing nothing is so incredibly shocking that you hardly can bring yourself to believe it: "...DOES THE ORDER STILL STAND?"

The VP has sat by and wasted every opportunity he had to save lives and/or minimize damage and we find that there is an order standing,  that the VP also knew about,  and that would explain his unwillingness to even try to intervene,  since the only such order that would require non-intervention by the VP, would be an order that would ensure death and damage by allowing the intruding hijacked aircraft to reach it's target.  Anything else would have caused the VP to act in a manner opposite of what he has.

I'm sure that the young man took his life and career in his hands to let us know that there was an order in place. He was not supposed to say that and Cheney was seriously pissed off,  thus he "whipped" his head around, (showing anger, upset or ill mood), and said "Of course the order still stands,  have you heard anything to the contrary?"   I read this as a "deflection" device,  having had the existence of an order,  associated with the handling of the aircraft's progress revealed,   he seizes the moment to make it appear that the order was no secret and to act as if the order were associated with something else.

Unfortunately for him,  if that order was associated with something other than the incoming plane,  then there would have been no reason for the VP to have not reached out to warn, inform and ensure that countermeasures were deployed.  Further,  there would have been no reason for the young man to ask if the order was still in force,  in connection with a highly dangerous situation that he was tracking and was developing.  The implication is that,  even with so little time left, if the order did no longer stand,  there was still time to deploy countermeasures.  That is something,  absolutely critical,  that had to be confirmed before allowing the aircraft to reach it's target unscathed.

Donald Rumsfeld had made himself unavailable to countermand any such order and order countermeasures to be deployed.  So, only the VP was left to do so and he did not.

Now,  none of this is to say that a plane actually struck the Pentagon.  Obviously,  if one knows anything at all about commercial passenger aircraft and how they are constructed,  what forces it takes to undo them etc.,  one knows that there should clearly have been large plane parts distributed and visible in that area.

Close to sea level,  commercial aircraft cannot fly much over 400 mph, if that.  Planes are sufficiently strong to deal with the forces of air flows in the range of 500 mph but not much more.  This is why highly qualified pilots are needed to fly them.  Maneuvers have to be kept well within a very narrow envelope so that the aircraft is not subjected to non-uniform forces and/or g-loads exceeding 2.5 by more than 1.5 g's.  Any excursion outside this envelope risks having the aircraft torn apart by g forces or airflow even without an impact with a stationary object at all.  From the damage we see done by bird strikes to wings,  the lamp poles should have torn the wings off the aircraft.  Which means that,  at the least, it could not have reached the impact zone exhibited.   The first pole strike on the left wing, should have altered that wings flight characteristics causing the plane to begin flipping over to the left and nosing to the ground,  well before reaching the building. 

Anyway,  that's my take,  thanks for reading.

Documentary The Great Conspiracy The 9 11 News that you Never Saw

I didn't like this guy's other videos, but this one cannot be ignored.