Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Your Best Employee Stinks And May Be Stealing From You

Entitlement is rampant, and it is ruining America.

Children today are all “special”, and they are all “winners”.  They are going to “do great things” and “be somebody special.”


Most people are going to be average.  That is the definition of the word, “average.”
Unfortunately, the outsized expectation of quick success versus the reality of requisite hard work and determination (in most cases just to avoid being below average), is causing depression and anxiety in today’s workforce.

The grand canyon of disparity between expectations and reality manifests itself in increased employee turnover rates, low employee morale, an ever-widening gap between the wealthy and the poor and, for you business owners, a significant increase in employee theft.

In the past three years, according to the Society for Certified Fraud Examiners, the average size of small business fraud has increased by nearly 17 percent.  That should get your attention, because fraud and theft occurs in more than 35 percent of all small businesses.

To put it into sharper focus:  Do you know two other business owners?  If so, odds are that at least one of the three of you is being stolen from right now.

One of the most common types of fraud is accounting fraud, and one of the simplest tactics internal accountants use to steal money is called “double checks.”

Here is the way it works (this is a true story with the names changed): READ MORE

Poll: Americans Blame Govt. Shutdown on GOP’s ‘Spoiled Children’

john boehner
*Before the clock struck midnight Monday on a government shutdown, a poll showed that more Americans would blame congressional Republicans than President Barack Obama, and many Americans view the GOP as acting like "spoiled children."
According to a CNN/ORC International poll released Monday, 46 percent of respondents would blame congressional Republicans, 36 percent would blame Obama and 13 percent would blame both. Sixty-nine percent said that the GOP is acting like "spoiled children" in the budget fight, while 58 percent think that of congressional Democrats and 49 percent think that of President Barack Obama. Six in 10 respondents reject the GOP's approach and think it is more important to avoid a shutdown than to make major changes to the Affordable Care Act.
The poll is an indication that the Republicans' hard-line approach does not resonate with many Americans, and could have consequences in future elections. Nevertheless, the GOP has touted the tactic of using the continuing resolution to fund the government to demand changes to Obamacare, crafting the populist slogan "Make DC Listen."
In the hours leading up to the shutdown, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow aired a segment laying out how the GOP has been plotting with glee a government shutdown since President Obama’s 2008 election.