Friday, December 30, 2016

9/11/01: The Exploding Van With a Mural of a Plane Hitting The WTC (NYPD...

Stick a fork in the "Experiment" it's Done!!!

Ah, the little old Brzezinski has been replaced with Zee Big New Brzezinski.  I guess this is what happens when you're born to parents working Madison Avenue.  Okay! LOL, moving right along then,  The ink barely dry on his "Grand Chess board" tomb when in walks the Donald to slap the board to the floor and scatter the pieces.  Did the Zionist really think that they would be allowed to run America all by themselves?

 After some 400 years of oppression, the colonists had finally enough to be motivated to try something new.  A democratic republic that would be subject to the rule of law.  The problem is that,  under this type of rule,  the general public must have a good idea of what's going on and how things get done,  as well as the reasons therefore.  To fix this problem a scheme of public education was passed into law.  

That worked fine for a while, but the world just kept getting more and more complex as new discoveries were  made.  Radio and Television appeared and were quickly "weaponized".  By Hitler to subdue Germany, then by the U.S. to mold public opinion via Pearl Harbor.  But soon those wars were over and with a military industrial complex, chomping at the bit for the next big production schedule,  Eisenhower had to warn us of things to come, lot of good that did.

Using your tax dollars the CIA seized control of the media and used it for the benefit of the military industrial complex. Fomenting hatred of "others" they managed to sell war after war.  As pols learned from time after time, that no one gets punished for mistakes and blunders, or even for criminal designs, they became ever more increasingly emboldened until 911 became a capstone event. 

This bold thrust onto the pubic,  without evidence, science, equipment or proof,  a false narrative was pushed onto the public and it was swallowed hook line and sinker for many a year.  One reason was because over the years the American educational system has been eroded away almost to the point of being ineffective.  The main thrust of education is to arm students with the ability to think critically and not be easily fooled by fakery.  This made the nation resistant to brainwashing.  But then, Madison Avenue and the Military Industrial Complex decided there was a lot of  money to be made by brainwashing America by themselves.  Thus the brainwashed American became the norm and gov't could and did, get away with whatever it wanted.

Well, as we know things change.  With brainwashed Americans at the mercy of their gov't,  foreign powers began to salivate at gaining access to some of those levers of power,  seeing as America was the most powerful nation on earth.  The trouble is,  when they should have been trying to put "big dangerous America" back on its solid footing,  they all sought to enjoy the short term advantages of running successful missions using a deceived America as the weapon of choice.  

Now the brainwashing has gone too far and Donald Trump is the new infant terrible.   No one can figure what he will do because he has no idea himself.  He doesn't, for example, understand the meaning of "MAD" (mutually assured destruction).  So, when he says that our nuclear arsenal needs to be improved and increased,  he's telling you that:  1) He doesn't know that we already have enough weapons to destroy the world several times over all by ourselves.  The other side doesn't even have to fire a shot and we can sterilize the planet.

2) He doesn't know that a nuclear war is one that cannot be "won",  it is a last ditch effort to make absolutely sure that our enemies go to their graves as surely as they send us to ours.  

3) He might come to conclude as Donald Rumsfeld did, that: hey, maybe we should do the first strike thing?  You know, catch them by surprise so they can't retaliate.  Which may sound reasonable to an ignorant fool.  Any knowledgeable  person is totally horrified by such dangerous thinking.  

Well, with that grand chessboard on the floor and Trump kicking the pieces under the couch.  With foreign powers scurrying for a hand on America's levers of power,  it will be well neigh impossible to carry out any coordinated mission with precision.  So, what we're going to get instead is a good long period of confusion, showing just how goofy our leadership is.  Watch as these clowns run to the right one day, then scramble to the left the next day,  then try to explain that left is right and right is left and that although they agree with all of it, they themselves are part of none of it.  I just pray that no one gets hurt while the meltdown progresses.  

Looking back down the corridors of time, a funny little fact emerges.  The greatest enemy of all great empires it turns out is not poverty but, get this: Prosperity!  It is prosperity that makes people complacent and inattentive to the national state of affairs.  It is prosperity that hardens the hearts of the prosperous against the impoverished,  who rational people, more attentive maintaining their own prosperity, should be devising ways to bring them along.  

When everyone has little to nothing,  they look at their fellow man as a friend, but when lots of people have lots of things, that same fellow man becomes little more than competition.  The "haves" chasing after the "have mores" have little time or interest in the plight of the "have nots".   While the "have mores" use their access to the law to "circle the wagons" against social mobility.  Until finally the entire enterprise becomes one writing such ridiculous,  misshapen and mangled laws that the nature behind them becomes oppressingly apparent and thus compliance becomes increasingly difficult to obtain.  Innovation is squelched, the treasury spent, and gains become difficult if not impossible to obtain.  

If history teaches anything it should be that vagaries of prosperity are what should be guarded against.  But, because prosperity is commonly thought to be such a good thing,  who would think it to be the harbinger of a societies downfall, but that is exactly what it is.