Monday, September 28, 2015

Slavery And The Making Of America

Well glory be...  I've always wondered about why George Zimmerman chose that red jacket to wear on patrol,  but in the last segment of this film I find what could very well be the answer.  Red Shirts!
Which,  of course,  rather implies that the Trayvon killing was part of what may be a rather huge conspiracy.  That needed to be looked at more deeply.

Slavery And The Making Of America

So here we see why justice for blacks cannot be done,  despite the evidence and the horrors of the crimes.  Because the crimes are so big,  justice is just too costly,  to economically destabilizing and/or too impolitic when there's an election to be won,  to ever consider any need to have justice done.

So, without further ado the film,  and forget about reparations for blacks,  the crimes committed against them are just too big and way too many people are guilty, so you must forget!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

In the comments on youtube the posters argue with the statistics.  Of course the exact numbers will never be right,  but the history is undeniable and horrific. The focus should never be on the effort to discern the exact numbers,  for that is sure to fail,  but on what was done, how, why and by whom.

The information is not to rile one up,  but to inform the present and future generations of the kinds of people who actually exist in the world and what they would do again,  if only given the chance.