Thursday, November 17, 2016

What a mess we've lived through...

Bush and Cheney are given a pass!  They did not respond to warnings of a terrorist attack, in fact they hamstrung anyone who attempted to concentrate identification, prevention or who even theorized that an attack might be coming.  Instead of listening to their security advisors and putting their intelligence people and forces on alert status, they simply went fishing.  When the attacks happened it found our agencies in disarray, hamstrung my new rules that confounded the ability to respond.  Even down to the last few minutes, after two crashes in NYC, Cheney sat in the EOC getting reports on the whereabouts of an incoming skyjacked airliner and he did not call around to see what was being done or to ensure that key people were warned and taking steps to protect lives.  

Then, after the attacks were over, the Bush administration wanted us to believe that Saddam was somehow involved, when our own intelligence people knew that he wasn't.  They knew, for example that Saddam and OBL were enemies.  But, on top of that, they wanted us to believe tha Iraq, after taking a beating with bombings over a decade long and suffering sanctions that were causing starvation.  The told us he was making weapons of mass destruction and that our intelligence services got it all wrong.  Well,  you don't refine uranium with a single centrifuge, you need hundreds of them and that requires several buildings to house them.  While biological and chemical weapons programs require a huge research and development campus.   You'd think our intelligence people would know this and of course they did.  Meaning that this information was imprisoned by someone with the authority to do so.  Which explains the U,N. voting no. 

Then Bush sends our troop to fight an unnecessary war and suffer the injuries that come with warfare.  But, he cuts their benefits and pay while they're fighting,  So they're coming home homeless and suffering PTSD and Bush is unconcerned with their plight. Our troops were committing suicide in record numbers.  But all the Republicans can find to scream about is Hillary's emails and ObamaCare.    

Well, now they've got it all, the White house, the Senate and the House,  let's see if they have anything approaching a realistic view of how a government works.  This is not some childish game where he who can scream the loudest wins.  This is about running a nation, if they fail to do it right the nation will cease to follow, or worse.