Tuesday, January 17, 2017

No Planes on 9/11 by Gary Jones Remastered

911 Problems

As if there weren't enough problems with the official story, here are two more that debunkers with probably not bother to answer:

1.  At Portland Airport on 911, there's a CCTV of Atta and Al-Omari passing from the ticket counter, ostensibly headed for the flight to Boston.  The trouble with this film is, Al-Omari isn't there! He is at home in Saud Arabia.  When he is found alive, some weeks later, he has no knowledge of making this trip.  So then, this video is obviously fake.  Al-Omari did not accompany Atta at Portland airport on 911.
2. The black box found at the Pentagon comes from an aircraft that the data shows flew over the Pentagon.  It only appears to fly into the Pentagon because the data shows air pressure data from a setting pilots use at over 8,000 feet.  When the data is corrected for the proper setting, the altitude is 450 feet, high over the 75 foot high Pentagon.  This means that the black box had to have been taken from that plane and carried back to the Pentagon and planted.