Thursday, April 19, 2018

If you've read the JFK conspiracy stories you'll know what this means:  There was a gun found on the other side of the room of the 6th floor of the school book depository.  The Sheriff entered the building 90 seconds after the first shot.  If there had been anyone on the 6th floor of the building they would have been trapped and unable to exit the building.

Meanwhile the Sheriff noticed Oswald sitting against the far wall eating a sandwich and drinking a soda.  He was not sweating or out of breath, he was relaxed and rested.  He could not have just run down 5 flights of stairs and there were two women on the fourth floor who were standing near the only stairway that could have been used.

This left everyone puzzled about the rifle on the sixth floor, since it was found there people were forced to imagine it was involved.  The "magic" trick is, the rifle was planted there in advance, that way no one had to "escape" from the sixth floor, for whatever happened the rifle would be found there and no one would be caught or trapped near it.

Remember, a presidential assassination is not planned in 30 minutes or even 30 days. Every minute detail would receive intense scrutiny over many months. Misdirection, distractions, cover ups would all be designed, arranged and deployed on a carefully prepared schedule. With Oswald as the intended patsy, it would have to be his rifle on the sixth floor.
But, how could he leave it there without being trapped?  There's your answer, it wasn't him who put it there.  It was put there before the shooting happened.

--- okay here's a bit more---

Placement of the gun:

The gun was found (if memory serves) on the other side of the room and covered up by boxes.  Well, this floor is mainly for storage so there's not likely to be much traffic hour over hour, but day over day the floor could receive quite a bit of viewing.  My guess would therefore be that the rifle, belonging to Oswald and found on the 6th floor,  was probably placed there at least the day before. Time of discovery would not matter much, as long as it was discovered quickly, before anyone could move it or otherwise complicate the intended narrative of Oswald guilty.

They, most certainly would have preferred to have Oswald on the sixth floor and perhaps that is where he had been scheduled to start his work day, but who knows what induced him to pause for a drink and sandwich, delaying his intended arrival on the sixth floor,  where he would have been trapped and discovered there with his own rifle hidden just several feet away. Because they didn't get that, Oswald had to be eliminated, since his story would prove his innocence -- not on the 6th floor at the time of the shootings -- because he wasn't trapped there as he should have been.

Also, the quick discovery of Oswald's rifle says that the Sheriff was being led into the building and around inside by some, as-yet-unknown agent.