Saturday, April 6, 2019

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Time again for a few laughs.

So Much News, So Little Time: Trump Cries Audit & The Dems Get Lost in T...

Time again for a few laughs.

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Trump is so very stupid. He thinks he can use his high office to do whatever it pleases him to do. He appoints syncopants to assist him in violating the letter and intent of the law by changing them as needed.  His lawyers are very slime critters. They should not accept the task of concealing The leader of the free world's influences. He could, for example, be a Russian mole, or a Chinese agent or anything in between. How would we know? He, obviously, is not going to tell us.  It's one thing to represent clients charged with crimes. It is yet another thing entirely to represent a President bent on thwarting the expressed duties of Congressional oversight. Where the President is accused of nothing and no charges are to be levied. But that assurances are, deservedly sought that he is free of undo influenced, to such extent that his actions can be confidently relied upon to be his own.

Donald Trump Lawyer Threat On Tax Returns 'Didn't Really Say Anything' |...

Wow, after Giuliani slither out from under his rock to issue some incomprehensible lunatic ravings about the President being in the clear, Trump, once again scrapes the bottom of a landfill workers shoe, for legal talent to keep his taxes hidden from public view. 

Here's a clue Mr. Trump; if you don't want the public to have a good reason to see your taxes, then don't accept a high government office and negotiate a Trump Tower with the nation's number one adversary. And that's just for starters.


The Trump Hire List...

Trump Attorney General Barr Is Caught In A Double Mueller Bind | The Bea...

Barr's act8ons are not just suspicious, they are exactly what we expected of a political hack/syncopant to do in service to a President, he'll bent on suppressing any negative findings and muddying up the waters in an all out effort to subvert the the course of Justice. Thus this is not correctly called suspicious,  as it is direct confirmation of the preceding rampant suspicions that came with opposition to his appointment.

Where we said, in effect; Mr. Barr should not be confirmed, because we feel he can not be trusted to handle this matter impartially.  Now we know that he has not handled this matter impartially and we suspect that he further intends to pervert TBE course of Justice in any way that he can going forward.

Mr. Barr has disgraced himself and cast aspersions upon the ability of the Justice Department to act impartially, he should resign immediately or be removed from office, as he serves at the pleasure of the President, the President cannot be pleased with this nakedly partisan performance, since it works to make him appear even more guilty than he already is, if that's possible Hahaha.

Friday, April 5, 2019

Is Jared Kushner the Real President?: The Daily Show

Jared Kushner: power hungry and intent on enriching himself?

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When he said: "I love it!",he was not being duped by the Russians. For, even if they had no dirt to give him, he was accepting their offer to help with his campaign. That is illegal. But, unfortunately, there is more than that. The Trump campaign transferred data that whose purpose is to help target campaign efforts, to the Russian campaign helpers. That, is conspiracy to accept foreign intelligence assistance with the Trump campaign. No matter how you slice that cake, it still remains a cake.

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This is truly a vile administration

The Trump Hire List...

Mueller Team ‘Faction’ Wanted Congress To Decide On Donald Trump And Obs...

"Shoe soul Rudy" is back in the limelight with his potty mouth ideas. Meanwhile Barr is stumbling and scrambling trying to find a reasonable defense of his own unethical,  attrocious and disgusting performance of syncopancy.

Ari Melber: Bill Barr Hugging Mueller While Undercutting Him | The Beat ...

Show of hands: How many of you did not expect Barr to create controversy, in favor of attempting to shield Trump from the actual Mueller report findings?

We already knew, from the examinations of the Trump Tower meeting, that the Mueller report would be very undesirable for Trump. Therefore Barr's attempt to portray that meeting as okay and the subsequent lying about it as , nothing that should be of any concern to anyone, would only be seen as an "easy sell:, by a blind syncopant with minimal judgemental skills. Proving, once again that Trump is scraping shoe bottoms for talent.

Donald Trump Inauguration Subject Of At Least Seven Open Investigations ...

New Reporting Suggests Strain Between William Barr And Mueller Team | Ra...

I can neither stress nor remind too much that "executive privilege", is a new construct,  created by a crooked President, seeking to hide evidence of his crimes. The reason E.P. is not necessary is because the President already has ample protection for state secrets. The reason Presidents do not have E.P. is because they have the fifth amendment right against self incrimination.  Of course any crook knows that "taking the fifth", carries with it a heavy cloud of suspicion. That cloud becomes a virtual storm, should a President seek refuge thereby. Hence the creation of the euphemism "executive privilege" which should properly be read as : "I assert my fifth amendment right against incriminating myself".

What makes it so silly that a President should have any powers at all over any investigation of him and/or his office, is the fact that we already know that any President , does not want and will resist, being incriminated and/or convicted of any nefarious conduct. Thus it surprises no one that Trump is making all these covering up moves.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Trump Rambles About "Oringes" and Windmills: A Closer Look

House Democrats Win The Battle For Mueller Subpoenas, But Will They Win ...

Are we brain dead or do we realize that, with Barr struggling to surpress the negative aspects of the report, if he could have found useable full sentences he would have used them.  What that means is that there were no full sentences that Barr could find to use, that would make the President appear to be innocent. So he was forced to use fragments of sentences so he could truthfully say that he had included some of Mueller's material in his own report.

It will be interesting to see what Barr meant by saying that Mueller "helped or assisted" in Barr's report.  My guess is it means Mueller dropped some papers on Barr's desk or something equally silly.  For sure Barr is not to be trusted. He did everything we expected an untrustworthy person would do.

The Trump Hire List...

Trump is a poor man's
idea of a rich man,

An uneducated man's
idea of a smart man,

A coward's idea of a brave man...

and a gullible fool's
idea of a great President

NYT Reports AG Barr Undersold The Mueller Report's Damage To Donald Trum...

No redacted report will do, it's the confidence of the nation at stake here so there can be no secrecy.  If Barr foolishly attempts to bar the door he may be tramppled as the National interest is asserted.

Representative Adam Schiff: New Report On Mueller Findings ‘Concerning’ ...

Oh boy will Trump's tax returns sink him. They've got to be chock full of either fraudulent declarations and/or compromising transactions. And that's before we look at how Trump used the presidency to garner favor for friends and family. The 666 fifth avenue Qatar - terrorist state gambit comes to mind. Where the refused application for a 1.2 billion dollar loan was reconsidered and approved after The Donald joined the new riders of the Royal Orb, in denouncing this staunch ally as a terrorist support state.  Let the games begin! As Cesar would say.

William Barr's Rosy Report Spin Frustrates Mueller Investigators: NYT | ...

Well now, here we see that my jumping to the conclusion that -- a bunch of gritting liars and syncopants-- would lie and try to cover up their crimes, was the correct conclusion to jump to hahaha.

Fortunately even many Trumpanistas didn't fall for the Barr Summary/Non-Summary. Not ignoring the fact that even Barr stumbled badly in his effort to cover things up. Kissinger would never have made the mistake of letting his non-report be called a summary.  He probably would have called it "My exhonerating statement", so no one could argue with it, hahaha.

Well, it's Trump's own fault that he has to scrape the bottom of shoes for his White House talent. (since the bottom of the barrel is much too stratospheric by comparison) 😆 Meanwhile Trump's lie count approaches the 10K mark How there could still be a soul on this planet of ours, who still believes anything he says, is beyond me. Apparently the human condition does not preclude the ability to be out smarted by rocks. 😆

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Author Of Jared Kushner Book Blasts His 'Appalling Judgment' | The Beat ...

Dem Chair To Subpoena Mueller Report Despite 'Small-Minded' Trump | The ...

Chairman Nadler is no one to play games with. Barr will find that out very quickly.

As Mueller Ends, Michael Cohen Giving 'New Evidence' To NY Feds | The Be...

Aha... So Barr fell into a trap set by Mueller, who knew that an unethical syncopantic attorney general would jump at the chance to fill any gap Mueller left in the story. Barr went right in, even going so far as to grab a few sentence fragments in his desperate struggle to please Master.  In the end, I feel, Congress will not be kind to Mr. Barr.

Eric Holder Unloads On Senator Mitch McConnell: 'Unpatriotic' | The Beat...

Barr's enflagrante syncopants on full frontal display. Okay, wait for the actual report to not clear Trump of conspiracy, before you conclude that Barr is attempting an unethical cover up and his very own attempt to obstruct justice. But, as for me, I'm going to jump to the conclusion that all that lying wasn't being done to cover up innocent activity. Hahaha.

Sure, the guy standing over the body with the smoking gun in his hand, might no be the murderer. But if he lies about how he came to be in that position,  really?  An innocent person with something so serious to hide, that it will send him to the gas chamber or a lethal injection?

Can that really make any sense?  So I leap to the conclusion that the guy I see firing the weapon at the deceased is the culprit.  Only in Trumpworld does reason and logic fail.

Donald Trump Administration Sending More Personnel To U.S.-Mexico Border...

Anything to keep from having to answer; why he doesn't want the full release of the report, he claims has exonerated him. He wants to be secretly innocent of some very public and extremely damaging charges. Hahaha wherefore art thou oh dementia?

President Donald Trump's Day Of Strange And Confusing Statements | The L...

Julián Castro: Donald Trump Administration 'Sloppiest' On Security Matte...

Okay boys and girls, today it's critical thinking 101 hahaha...

1. There's a prosecutors report that totally clears you of any wrongdoing:

a) Give one good reason why you should refuse to let anyone see it.

b) Give one mediocre reason why no one should be allowed to see it.

b) Give one stupid reason why no one should see it.

Note: If you are having trouble answering you are not qualified to work for Mr. Trump.

I also continue to wonder why anyone believes that WTC steel was shipped off to China. Let's say, for example, you have just committed a crime. Now is your first choice of places to hide the evidence, to place it in the hands of the people in apartment 1B, knowing that they hate your guts?  Of course, after looking at the pictures collected by Dr. Judy Wood, in the day and during the week after, before anything could be removed. There isn't enough material to send a shipload anywhere. Less into the hands of an enemy foreign power. But that's just me.

Bizarre Breach Of Mar-A-Lago Highlights Donald Trump Security Ineptitude...

Who needs a foreign intelligence service when they have Donald Trump? The FSB can stay in bed while Trump does their work for them.  But wait!!! If this isn't enough stupidity for you, then you must not remember Trump's lawyers being caught discussing his case in a restaurant, so loudly that a reporter could hear them. How's that for "hiring the best people"?  Here, have a look at more Trump hires:

The Trump Hire List...

Didn't work out so well did they?

Lawrence's Last Word: Donald Trump's Attorney General Threatens The Osca...

 Let this be the last word on Barr's integrity, ethics and impartiality. Which, of course, means he has no business leading the Department of Justice. This should render all of his decisions null and void, seeing as how they are being made in a manner antithetical to the principals of law, order and the U.S. Constitution!

This administration is a half crazed bunch of lunatics and we're being forced, by Republican partisanship, to stand by and fret while the government is being dismantled.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Robert Costa: GOP Is Reading The Signs On Health Care | Morning Joe | MSNBC

It certainly took these guys long enough to realize that the Republican party was going to hell. I figured that out when Rockefeller lost to that crooked Nixon. You could just look at Nixon and tell he was dishonest. So I'm hardly surprised by Trump being able to con the flock.

Oh yeah and right after Trump wins the next election he says he going to give everyone a 50,000 dollar treasury check, he will put the check in the mail right away, you betcha. Hahaha, exactly how dumb does he think we are? WAIT... DON'T ANSWER THAT!!! 😆

Secretary Betsy DeVos Wants To Cut Federal Work-Study Program Funds | Ve...

When idiots are appointed to high offices the problems at the bottom go unsolved. Before you know it you have an organization that can nolonger function. The only thing holding this administration together is that the problems are going unreported as yet, because complaints are stuck in the channels. But soon they will be impossible to conceal, but by that time we will have total disaster on our hands. We will have to either shutter much of our commerce, or import more highly trained foreign workers.

Americans who are unable to afford school will be forced to sit on the sidelines and watch as foreigners take the jobs and enjoy the good life, while complaining about how "those lazy Americans" sit around collecting welfare checks. Don't think so? Well 4 to 8 years is a sizeable portion of the average academic life of students. Trump has ruined four years and if we are lucky, we can turn the mess around in the next four years. That's 8 years wasted setting America back in a highly competitive world.

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Monday, April 1, 2019

Donald Trump Claims Exoneration, But Only 29 Percent Believe So: Poll | ...

Gee, there are still 28% of the voters,  who believe a known liar could be proven innocent by a report he refuses to allow to be released????  I'm pretty sure that, if the Mueller report cleared Trump and his people of collusion and obstruction, Barr would be swinging from the rafters to release the report.

But, since we know that Trump appointed him, specifically because he has this unyielding support for h8m, even in the face of all these mountains of evidence; we can trust that an unfavourable report will be as closely held as is humanly possible. We can get the measure of just how bad for Trump, the report really is, by how hard they try to conceal it.


CNN Cuomo Prime Time 3/31/2019 | CNN BREAKING NEWS Today Mar 31, 2019

CNN State of the Union 3/31/2019 | CNN BREAKING NEWS Today Mar 31, 2019

Schiff was explaining the reasons why the investigation was called for. Because that's what Republicans are saying was a biased and partisan call. It was not, the actions of the Trump administration actors raised serious questions that had to be examined.

Now the Republicans are saying there was no collusion. But that claim is not based on the Mueller report. No one but Barr has seen that report. What Republicans are relying on to make their claims of innocence, is the report/non report/non summary crafted by Barr, which makes the claim. And Barr only uses the absence of a collusion conclusion by Mueller, to mean that there was none.

As I have said before,  the Trump campaign officials are not brain dead, they are highly skilled and high functioning people with careers and reputations to defend. They would not lie, under oath, to Congress, casually and without some very substantial and compelling reason. Any feelings that, what they were lying about, was legal, permissible and acceptable, can not be reasonably believed to be the cause of them telling so many dangerous lies.

Rep. Schiff Discusses President's Attacks on Fox 11

The Check In: Betsy DeVos' Rollback of Civil Rights

Trump appoints people who do not know what they are doing. But that is not the worse part of it all. The absolute worse part of it is that; when incompetent appointees are discovered, the processes do not bar them from office. And even worse, unless they do something really outrageous, they can't be removed. Here's gross ignorance and gross incompetence on display, and yet nothing can be done to remove DeVoss from office before she does even more damage than she already has.

I wonder if all of this has anything to do with the debt being on the "hockey stick" graph?

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Trump Supporters' News Sources Will SURPRISE You!

Trump Supporters Brush Off Mueller Investigation

Trump Supporters Explain Why They Love Him


Trump is a poor man's
idea of a rich man,

An uneducated man's
idea of a smart man,

A coward's idea of a brave man...

and a gullible fool's
idea of a great President

Trump supporters say the darndest things, part 1


Trump supporters say the darndest things, part 1


Trump supporters say the darndest things, part 6

Don't laugh... These are the people we have to be inclusive with in tackling the tough problems the nation faces.

Trump supporters say the darndest things, part 2

Real shame on Barack Obama for not being in the Whitehouse. 8 years before he was elected. What!?!  You expected Trump supporters to have rational thoughts? But yeah, these are the people the Republicans demand we respect the opinions of, probably because without them they'd be out of power and many of them would be out of office as well. One thing for sure is, you can bet that Putin loves the fact that we have to respect the opinions of people like these.

Anderson Cooper pokes fun at awkward DeVos moment

So! Now our great moments in the history of our nation arrive when the President overrides his incompetent appointees? Wow, how far have we fallen.

Preet Bharara on 'troublesome language' in Barr summary of Mueller report

Now, from Rachel Maddow's excellent in depth reporting, we understand that Mueller was not trying to draw any conclusions from his collected material. According to the law, his material was to be given to Congress so that they could reach their own conclusions. Barr tried to create an enlarged role in the matter for himself to be the interpreter. The law gives him no such duty, role or power. His only duty was to report to Congress that the investigation was finished and prepare to arrange to pass all the material over to them for their analysis and conclusions.

As the dutiful syncopant he was appointed to be, Barr stepped into the gap to assert a clearance that cannot reasonably exist. Just because Mueller did not conclude that there was a conspiracy, does not mean that there was none. It only means that he withheld his judgement,  as precedent instructs him to do.

Can any sane person believe that; all of these several and highly placed people, with their knowledge of law and with their political skills and reputations-- would go before Congress and casually assert needless and actionable lies, under oath and affirmation -- for completely innocent reasons? It boggles the mind to even try to approach a scenario under which such insanity could just happen. Then happen and happen over and over again several times with a variety of different people. It's easier to believe in Peter Pan. Good luck with that Trumpsters!

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