Thursday, January 7, 2016

9/11 Exposed 2nd Edition - Documentary (2015)

Another piece of the 911 puzzle

Okay, we learned that the videos are fakes because any commercial passenger aircraft would have been a "cream puff" against the steel and concrete structure of the towers (see my previous posts).  Now attention has turned to the videos and photos of the planes.

After examining the videos, shown in my previous posts, I've learned what seems to answer some question about how the videos may have been constructed,  but since I am not a qualified analyst I can only give my opinion and leave it to others with creds to determine if,  what I think is.  what is really going on and where.

It seems to me that the videos are a montage of live shots with backgrounds made up of still photos.  I think these backgrounds were prepared, in advance, using stills from 9-11's of previous years.  That would explain how they get the shadows to match 9-11, while allowing them to quickly add the additional features they needed.  That also explains why the sky and the background had to be dropped out of various plane approach videos.  Obviously,  if you use a still photo in a video and there happens to be a bird, plane or helicopter in the sky,  it would hang motionless in the video,  thus the sky would have to be changed.

While, the background of buildings etc., would not change as the viewing angle changed,  so if the camera had to move,  the background had to be dropped.  Also,  another problem with the background is that,  over time the skyline changes,  buildings get torn down and new buildings get built,  so there's a limit to how much of the old you can use, when and where.

But the critical issue facing the planners was speed.  Very early on there were mentions of bombs going off and word of no planes,  lack of sound etc., which is incredibly odd,  given the data release depicts aircraft moving at high speeds where the engines would be open full bore. Remember when Air Force One was flown low over the area off southern Manhattan?  It generated numerous call to 911, as did Captain Skullys' plane, when it landed without engines on the Hudson.

So, the perps were pressed for time,  they needed to get live shots of planes hitting the towers on the air for reporters and news anchors to point to, so as to silence without argument, any who would say there was no planes or that they didn't see one.  The public's belief that the video will faithfully capture what they may have missed and their faith in TV's reports, would lead some to misremember and/or substitute an imaginary version of events to be in line with the video "evidence".  After all,  they'd be in such a state of confusion, who would think to question video footage,  obviously seen by millions of people,  at that time?

But, to make that angle work for them,  at a time when all eyes and cameras were focused on the towers,  nothing less than "live" footage would do,  the public would have just such an expectation and if they failed to deliver it would seriously count against them.  Although manipulating live video footage requires a stabilized feed,  a gyro stabilized camera can provide that,  even from a shifting helicopter platform.  So that can be achieved if the need is there for it and a professional with the right skills is available. As long as the strike point and time are known in advance,  much of the preparations can be done in advance,  leaving only minor adjustments to be made before releasing a finished product.

I note that when I subject screen captures to various image editing tools, I see odd pixel densities and halos which may be an indication of editing, layering and/or masking or some other sort of manipulation, but it will take an imaging/video professional to tell what, if anything,  such artifacts mean.

I have no idea, where this "search for the truth", will actually lead,  except that, the more people who feel the need for better answers will mean that,  it will be much more difficult for anyone to mount yet another false flag plan,  even if this wasn't one,  as it appears to be so far.

Even then there's the matter of justification(s).  Some have surmised that it was all a plan in defense of the dollar by means of protecting it's oil backing.  I am familiar with imagined currency protection scenarios,  I haven't yet been able to imagine one that works. Thus, if that is what this was all about,  then a backup plan is a must. If so, then as the hurricane said to the palm "hold onto your nuts this will be no ordinary blow job".  So, I rather hope that's not the case and that it was the misguided work of some secret society cabal,  trying to simply grab power or profit.  You do know that secret societies exist don't you?  This very nation was created by one.  The Founding Fathers could not very well have revealed their plans early on,  or they'd have simply been arrested and tried for treason. Enough said.

With Warm Regard To All, Keep On The Case!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

NEW Proof No Planes Hit Twin Towers. 9/11 Videos Are Fake!

After looking around youtube,  I came across videos where the poster of this video retracted his claim that the video was fake,  because the building that the wing passes behind,  on it's way to the south tower, is actually in the foreground and closer to the camera than the south tower.  Of course,  he still maintains that the image of the plane entering the building completely,  still proves the video is fake.  I must agree.

Here's why.  What he didn't notice is that,  while the wing passes behind a building that google earth shows is clearly in the foreground,  there's yet another building that is just as clearly in front of that building.  I've marked the place you can examine to assure yourself this is true.  Then,  if this building, is in front of the foreground building the wing passes behind,  then that building should be even closer to the camera.  So then,  why is smoke from the north tower obscuring the view of the right most side of that building?

Here's the image capture with my mark ups: TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Proof No Planes Hit Twin Towers. 9/11 Videos Are Fake!

The speed of air that will tear a plane apart at sea level densities is 500 mph. 
At 500 mph air creates a force equal to 674 pounds per square foot. 
If an aircraft is not carefully controlled in it's flight path, 500 mph air will rip it apart at sea level density 14.7 psi. 
Okay, so that's how strong or weak an aircraft is. now let's see how much force it takes to break a 14 inch box steel column. 
Explosives experts will use a charge designed to move air at between 6818.2 mph and 20455 mph, which translates into forces of 125,370 pounds per square foot of pressure, to 1,128,400 pounds per square foot of pressure. 
So we have Aircraft 674.23 lb/sq.ft 
Steel box column: 125,370 lb/sq.ft (low) 
Steel box column: 1,128,400 lb/sq.ft (high) 
Worse yet is the fact that the aircraft has to break several steel columns, not just one. 
If the aircraft must break at any pressure above 674.23 lb/sq.ft. how can it possibly stay intact and exert a force of over 125 thousand pounds per square foot, to over 1 million pounds per square foot, on the steel columns? 
As the plane contacts the building,  both the buildings steel, backed by reinforced concrete slabs,  experience the same force of impact.   While the steel columns can withstand this force,  the aircraft cannot.  So,  as the force of contact rises,  the aircraft's soft aluminum skin begins to crumple, split and break apart,  at forces far below what the steel can withstand.  This crumpling,  splitting and breaking absorbs the energy of the aircraft,  so that the amount of force it can deliver begins to immediately decline.  

Let's take it by nano seconds.  In the first nano second of contact the plastic nose begins to press into the building,  the pressure it exerts rises with each passing nano second until,  past just a few dozen pounds per square foot of pressure,  the strength of the plastic is exceeded and it shatters away.

In the next few nano seconds the aluminum skin of the nose of the aircraft begins pressing into the building.  The aluminum cladding of the building holds until the pressure reaches it's maximum tolerance,  then the aluminum of both the plane and the building begins to deform and break away.

Next the aluminum of the aircraft,  that has survived contact with the buildings aluminum cladding,  begins to press harder and harder against the steel columns.  Again the pressure begins rising,  but at only a few thousand pounds per square foot of pressure,  the aluminum aircraft begins to deform,  in the next nano seconds,  as the aircraft is deforming,  the plane is breaking apart,  while the pressure it is exerting on the steel columns is just a few thousand pounds per square foot.  But the steel will require 125,000 lb/sq.ft. before it will deform and break,  the aluminum aircraft cannot maintain sufficient integrity to produce such pressure.  Every part of the aircraft that touches the buildings steel columns,  either deforms, cracks or splits and bounces away,  when the force it exerts on the steel exceeds several thousand pounds of pressure per square foot.  Meanwhile the steel columns stand waiting for pressures in excess of 125,000 /lb/sq./ft.  to arrive,  such pressures never arrive,  they cannot,  because the aluminum of the aircraft is too soft and weak to deliver it.