Donald Trump Fawns Over A Brutal Dictator On The Dictator’s Own Turf

Fox News Veteran Rips 'Conman' Trump For Russia 'Collusion'

SCOTUS Makes State Races Key To Next Decade Of Political Power


In the Foxhole Vol. 2 | The Daily Show

Who is William Barr? Narrated by Jamie Lee (Girl Code & Crashing)

The President Donald Trump Groupie Who Got Away | All In | MSNBC

Donald Trump Makes Political Ploy Of Cruelty To Separated Immigrant Kids

It’s Just Insane!’ MSNBC's Rachel Maddow BREAKS DOWN Trump Adm. latest Russia Scandal

Trump's Tampa Rally (must see)

Donald Trump Has Chosen Lobbyists To Run EPA, HHS, DOD, And Interior

The Truth About Trump Collusion and Obstruction in the Mueller Report

Investigations Multiply As President Donald Trump Scandals Spiral Wider

Pence NSA Kept Maria Butina Tie Secret At Senate Confirmation: WaPo

Another Donald Trump W.H. Vetting Failure Ends In Scandal, Resignation

Cuomo on Central Park 5: Trump is clinging to a proven injustice

Donald Trump Disregard For Rule Of Law Puts Officials In Awkward Spot

Special Counsel Quotes Lawrence Report & Tells The Kellyanne Should Be Fired

Donald Trump Shows Why Presidents Shouldn't Be Part Of Real Estate Deals

Trump/Russia: Moscow rules (3/3) | Four Corners

Trump/Russia: Secrets, spies and useful idiots (2/3) | Four Corners

Trump/Russia: Follow the money (1/3) | Four Corners

Donald Trump Unchastened By Russia Scandal, Still Open To Foreign Help

President Donald Trump Sides With North Korean Dictator Over CIA

President Donald Trump Sides With North Korean Dictator Over CIA

New Fault Lines Erupt In Trump's Losing Battle With The Truth

Chao Corruption Shocking Even For Scandal-Plagued Donald Trump Cabinet

Robert Mueller Memo On Flynn Shows Cooperation On Three Investigations

Ethics Questions Abound As Kushner Firm Gets $90M From Unknown Foreign Investors

Chao Streamlined Federal Grants For Husband McConnell: Politico | Rachel Maddow

Gears Begin To Turn On Congress Follow-Through On Mueller report

Removed Redactions Show More Extensive Flynn Contacts With Russia

New Revelations From Hard Drives Of Deceased GOP Operative

Lawrence's Last Word: Trump's Lies About Why He Didn't Serve In Vietnam

Doctor With Dubious Past Decided On Unnecessary Pelvic Exam Rule

REPORT: Iraqi Who Urged U.S. Strikes On Iran Spent 26 Nights At Trump Hotel

Report Gives Details Of Private President Donald Trump Document

Watch Trump AG Barr Contradict Himself On Robert Mueller

Child Porn Charges For Donald Trump-Tied Mueller Witness Raise Questions

Soured Deal Considered As Mueller Witness Charged With Child Porn

Michael Wolff: 'President Donald Trump is Willing To Destroy An Institution'

AG William Barr testifies (full 6 hrs) on Mueller report before Senate Judiciary Committee

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