Tuesday, April 5, 2016

How Aluminum May Have Collapsed the Twin Towers & Debunked

These "Scientists of the Evening" didn't know that the explosives in the basements cut the standpipes making the sprinklers inoperable.  They also don't realize that molten aluminum doesn't explode on contact with water as the second video shows.  Just how far will these people go to support a baldfaced fiction is anyone's guess.

Molten Aluminum vs. Water two part battle

Monday, April 4, 2016

3D Plane hit - Tower 1 WTC - what would have happened if planes hit the towers

The energy of the aircraft is more than enough to damage the steel, but, because the aluminum is so much softer than steel, it breaks apart first, long before it reaches the point where the steel suffers any distortion. Here are the figures:

The speed of air that will tear a plane apart at sea level densities is 500 mph.

At 500 mph air creates a force equal to 674 pounds per square foot.

If an aircraft is not carefully controlled in it's flight path, 500 mph air will rip it apart at a sea level air density of 14.7 psi.

 Okay,  so that's how strong or weak an aircraft is.  now let's see how much force it takes to break a 14 inch box steel column.

 Explosives experts will use a charge designed to move air at between  6818.2 mph and 20455 mph,  which translates into forces of 125,370  pounds per square foot of pressure at the low end,  to a high of 1,128,400 pounds per square foot  of pressure respectively.

So we have Aircraft............ 674.23 lb/sq.ft
Steel box column:........125,370...... lb/sq.ft  (low)
Steel box column: ......1,128,400.....lb/sq.ft (high)

 Worse yet is the fact that the aircraft has to break several steel columns,  not just one.
 If the aircraft must break at any pressure above 674.23 lb/sq.ft. how
can it possibly stay intact and exert a force of over 125 thousand
pounds per square foot,  to over 1 million pounds per square foot,  on
the steel columns?  That would be like saying that an egg could
penetrate a concrete wall if thrown hard enough.  It can't.  It will
crack open and spread it's force over a wide area,  without ever even
coming close to generating the force needed to penetrate the concrete. 

A 100 ton hollow ball of clay,  moving at 500 mph,  does have the energy needed to destroy a steel box column,  but,  because of it's softness/inability to withstand the pressure/forces needed to damage the column,  it will never do any damage to the steel. Thus the plane becomes a "bug on the windshield" in effect, it splatters.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

911 flight 93 landed at Cleveland Hopkins airport per Mayor White

9/11 Missing Links [FULL Length]

United We Fall - Full Film

The major problem with these ideas of global consolidation of power is that they conveniently leave off the matters of government restraints.  The fact is that history teaches us,  is to accept no form of government that comes without proper and enforceable governmental restraints.  The NWO only proposes government, without proposing any means or methods to restrain it.   Thereby over riding any and all restraints that local sovereign governments have in place.  Notice there are no proposals to create or enforce any new bill of rights.

As such, new world order schemes,  are merely totalitarian schemes,  for which reason they must be shunned and caused to fail.  History has shown us enough of how absolute power, in the hands of a few, operates.  Nor has any scheme ever been devised,  that ensures that madmen don't come to hold power.

America has come damned close to destroying the checks and balances that have,  so far,  protected the nation from the unbridled use of absolute power.  But,  these restraints have and are being eroded,  leaving us all exposed to the vagaries of fate,  when and if yet another madman takes office.

So, to make it abundantly clear and simple:  No unrestrained government in whatever form offered!
Either a bill of rights,  with independent institutions with power to enforce it,  or no new world order!

Invisible Empire_ Full Movie_A New World Order Defined - HD