Sunday, July 15, 2018

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Ivanka Trump’s Clothing Line Pulled From Yet Another Department Store

Another Ivanka Trump placement bites the dust. Trump’s titular fashion line, Ivanka Trump, has been dropped by Hudson’s Bay, a Canadian department store. The line can no longer be found on the store’s website and will be gradually phased out of stores in the coming months.

Hudson’s Bay’s decision should not come as a surprise to Canadians. According to theGuardian, an activist group called the “Peeved Beavers” have been leading demonstrations against the store over the past year. And, of course, it has also been faced with the ultimate kiss of death for any fashion line — poor brand performance.
“Hudson's Bay is phasing out this brand through the fall based on its performance,” Meghan Biango, a Hudson’s Bay representative, told Refinery29. “As part of our regular course of business, we review our merchandise offerings and make appropriate changes.” READ MORE
So it seems someone does care, even if she doesn't.

Ivanka Trump wearing a white shirt: Refinery29