Thursday, July 28, 2016

Pilots for 9/11 Truth: Airplane controllability

9 11 pilots say NO WAY ! 


9/11 In Plane Site - Directors Cut

The Zionist seem to think that chaos will put them in total control of the world and yes,  the fact is it will do so, but only for one split second.  What they fail to realize is that the world they are enamored of gaining control of will no longer exist if they succeed.  Instead they will be in control of total chaos and there is no way to rule that for long.  When there are no rules to abide by,  everyone will have to start making their own rules to survive.  That, in turn, will mean that the economy will undergo drastic changes, and the normal means of getting the economy to pay for an army will undergo a huge change.  Currency can lose most of it's value as barter replaces it,  simply because too few people have any of it.  Thus the rich become poor, having lots of cash that nobody wants.  Without a strong legal system property rights go away.  Whomever can raise the largest group of soldiers gets to hold whatever property they want.  Forget about intellectual rights,  most fortunes will not survive. High end military appliances cannot be maintained and so those exotic weapons systems will fail. 

So, I'm just saying,  everyone, rich, poor and indifferent needs to get aboard the fight to restore the Constitution and roll back this path we're heading down.  Believe me,  no one will benefit from it. We don't have any real choice,  either break down these huge conglomerates which are little more than monopolies of media and production and break up the military industrial, intelligence/media complex or let them destroy everything and hope that it somehow comes back together peacefully, which is quite a stretch. 

Geraldo shows up at a 911 protest and immediately begins to ridicule and dismiss the protestors, as if they haven't a brain in their heads and are merely protesting because someone told them to do so.  He continues with this attitude until experts and professionals come and explain the problem to him.  Hey, as a reporter it's not your job to wait until the experts come to you to explain problems.  You are supposed to go out and find the problems and report to the people what you've found.  If you fail to do that then none of this "American Experiment" works.  You are then responsible for delivering America into the hands of the oligarchs and/or tyrants.  If your news organization won't let you do that job then quit and find one that will.  But no,  you sell yourself for a comfortable paycheck at the expense of the nation.  Then expect other people's children to lay down their lives for your comfortable life style. Well,  the world doesn't work that way!  If no one will "stand in front of the tank" so to speak, then the tanks will continue to roll.  Needless to say,  this won't be the first time in history that,  people in absolute power, have let their nations to ruin.  This will be just one more example of many, where that was done.