Thursday, March 17, 2016

9/11 Fake: As Seen On TV!

In this video we see what happens when an airliner crashes into a wooden shed!
Oh,  and don't forget,  jet fuel explosions only move air at about 100 mph and very briefly,  so there's no way it can either cut steel or even break plate glass windows in the WTC where the windows were rated to withstand 140 mph hurricane winds for 100 hours,  and would probably withstand 3ven 2 to 300 mph winds.

The energy of the aircraft is more than enough to damage the steel, but, because the aluminum is so much softer than steel, it breaks apart first, long before it reaches the point where the steel suffers any distortion. Here are the figures:

The speed of air that will tear a plane apart at sea level densities is 500 mph.

At 500 mph air creates a force equal to 674 pounds per square foot.

If an aircraft is not carefully controlled in it's flight path, 500 mph air will rip it apart at a sea level air density of 14.7 psi.

 Okay,  so that's how strong or weak an aircraft is.  now let's see how much force it takes to break a 14 inch box steel column.

 Explosives experts will use a charge designed to move air at between  6818.2 mph and 20455 mph,  which translates into forces of 125,370  pounds per square foot of pressure at the low end,  to a high of 1,128,400 pounds per square foot  of pressure respectively.

So we have Aircraft............ 674.23 lb/sq.ft
Steel box column:........125,370...... lb/sq.ft  (low)
Steel box column: ......1,128, (high)

 Worse yet is the fact that the aircraft has to break several steel columns,  not just one.
 If the aircraft must break at any pressure above 674.23 lb/sq.ft. how
can it possibly stay intact and exert a force of over 125 thousand
pounds per square foot,  to over 1 million pounds per square foot,  on
the steel columns?  That would be like saying that an egg could
penetrate a concrete wall if thrown hard enough.  It can't.  It will
crack open and spread it's force over a wide area,  without ever even
coming close to generating the force needed to penetrate the concrete. 

A 100 ton hollow ball of clay,  moving at 500 mph,  does have the energy needed to destroy a steel box column,  but,  because of it's softness/inability to withstand the pressure/forces needed to damage the column,  it will never do any damage to the steel. Thus the plane becomes a "bug on the windshield" in effect, it splatters.


Unknown said...

Didn't you notice the wing of the plane go behind a building in the background? Just sayin.

Obwon said...

I did and I have a post about it as well. That building is actually located in the foreground, it's in front of the tower so the wing should go behind it.

Of course, the building only looks like it's behind the towers because the video is a composite and so the perspective is wrong. Other researchers, try as they might, have been unable to locate the position the video was taken from. This is most likely because the position doesn't exist, as it wouldn't if the video is a composite. Perhaps a real mathematician will go over the video with a fine toothed comb so to speak, and determine more precisely what's going on, all the needed measurements are available since the ones of the towers are known and the buildings along side in the video are still standing so those dimensions can be obtained. Until then, my off hand opinion is that the video is a composited work. As I imagine that those buildings were grafted into the video to hide something that would give away the fakery. But that's just my guess.

Unknown said...

I Love ur analogy.... ! An empty aluminum (light ) tube smacking into sell and concrete can't do she-OTE ! What a scam. People think "jet fuel "is some high octane chemical.. where it's actually more like kerosene. .. Ty for studying this in depth: START sharing this please. short and to the point ( u know the average attention span thing ! )

Michael said...

Well done with those calculations showing the HUGE difference about the strengths comparin which should break totally first the multiple massive teel columns or the hollow plane.

What we see in those "footages" plane hitting the tower is just the opposite. Steel columns break when the plane penetrates the steel inside the building leaving the "escape" formed hole seen in cartoons.

911Redpill said...

E-TEAM's total control over the towers?

9 11 False Flags, 9 11 Pretext, 9 11 Insider Trading 2017 They Knew

Obwon said...

There is another way to look at 911. If you think that Congress people with their resources, actually knew this was a false flag, then the problem becomes; why did they go along with it?
Obviously no personal threats could require such compliance. It would have to be that they somehow became convinced that it was somehow in the national interest. So what could that have been?
My guess is that some countries were threatening to go off the dollar, potentially crashing our economy.

Unfortunately if that was the case, then in reality there is nothing that could be done. The wars would only be a temporary fix. As Voltaire said:"paper money soon returns to its intrinsic value: zero!" We may be in for one very wild ride.