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7/7 Ripple Effect 2

Hijackers inability to fly the planes

First there are claims that all the skyjackers needed to do is punch in the desired destination and the auto pilot (automated flight management system) would take them back to the city.  Not true.  It isn't that simple,  the Auto pilot takes about 15 minutes for experienced pilots to program,  it's a very complex operation no untrained person would be able to accomplish.  It starts with knowing your exact location, in latitude and longitude,  which the skyjackers could not figure out,  and same for the destination. Routinely this information is loaded while the plane is at the boarding gate where it's exact position (coordinates) are known to the second.

The Automated Flight Management System is not there for the pilots convenience, it there because of the fact that flight loading characteristics make flying the aircraft by hand very tricky.  Where a few knots above or below an optimal speed can cause the aircraft to spiral out of control and endanger the aircraft.  Thus it is practically impossible for untrained skyjackers to fly these aircraft by hand,  all the way to their destination without mishap.  Thus,  there are insurmountable barriers to these skyjackers flying these aircraft, that the pilots who fly them know about,  but we, who do not fly heavy aircraft do not know of.  Doubt what I say?  All well and good, as  you should!  Go to Pilots for 911 Truth and speak to airline pilots who know.  Just be sure to check their creds,  they have them posted on the sites as well and you can call their airlines or look up their FAA certifications.

To save weight, aircraft are made strong enough to withstand a very narrow envelop of forces.  Which is why it takes highly trained and skilled pilots to fly them. An untrained person,  trying to pilot one of these aircraft is going to be hamstrung by their lack of "situational awareness".  They will not know,  for example,  what to expect if the nose of the craft is angled to the left or right of the flight path.  A situation that if prolonged will have disastrous consequences. Nor will they be "Instrument Rated", since you cannot fly these aircraft by "seat of the pants", you need to be able to read the instruments, which will tell you what's going right or wrong,  then be able to figure which actions to take to keep the aircraft safe.

Okay,  so why couldn't the skyjackers simply use the auto pilot to help them fly the aircraft?  Well, when they entered the cockpit and struggled with the pilot for control of the aircraft,  cutting them with razors is not going to immediately result in instantaneous death of the pilots.  If the pilot or the skyjackers touch any of the controls,  the auto pilot disengages.  A warning alarm comes on to alert the pilot to the fact that danger is brewing.  The skyjackers need to immediately take control of the air craft,  remove the pilot and co-pilot from the cockpit and re-engage the auto pilot.  That is not easy to do,  but if done, it is programmed to fly them to LAX.  So it needs to be reprogrammed which the skyjackers could not possibly do,  because they don't know where they are,  nor do they know where they're going to.

To try to fly the aircraft to the new destination by hand is highly improbable because,  a mere 8 or 10 knots above or below a certain speed will doom the aircraft.  It's impossible that the skyjackers knew what the optimum flight speed is.  This is because they have no idea of how the flight is loaded. Luggage, passengers and freight weight and positions all go into these calculations.

A real pilot,  asked to comment,  during the planning stages of these attacks,  would deem it highly improbable that untrained pilots could accomplish the task successfully. Thus the only way for the plan to proceed would be to do so without the actual use of planes at all. That means that some method must be devised to make it appear that planes had been used,  if the attacks were to be credibly blamed on skyjackers.

Explosives in the buildings would create whatever damage was considered to be needed.  Video of the "crashes" would have to be prepared and played for millions of people,  to silence and co-opt  those who did not see planes.   The first tower struck would be simple since few if anyone would be looking and fewer still would be filming.  Best yet is the fact that,  often people who have collected good evidence,  will come forward to the press/media or the authorities with their evidence.  So these become mere collection points where the evidence simply disappears.

Now when creating the illusion of a plane crashing into a tower,  the image of damage the explosives create will have a directional characteristic.  This means that any aircraft that is intended to mimic the crash,  must hit the tower,  not only at the correct location and time,  but in the correct attitude as well.  No remote system can possibly be counted on to ensure that,  thus CGI's must be used.  Since they are the only means of ensuring that the correct parameters will all be met.  In short,  no matter how risky it was to try using doctored composited images,  it had to be done,  because there was no other way to ensure the requirements would be met.

Missiles or drones are ruled out,  simply because they could not be counted on to strike with the necessary precision,  because they all have intolerable margins of error.  If they contained explosives,  they would either explode upon contact,  in which case they'd leave a trail of debris outside the buildings.  Or they would explode inside the buildings and damage the prepared effects of the pre-planted explosives. Either way they are not a good choice and expose the plan to discovery.

These verifiable facts should show why planes could not be used,  and why no one who says they saw planes,  can be telling the truth. At best they are speaking from their own imaginations,  being so sure that the videos played on tv news had to be incontrovertibly veriticle. Crash physics did not allow for that.  Planes are exceedingly fragile vehicles,  made that way so they can fly.  Wings hitting birds would be damaged,  while wings hitting lamp poles would be torn off.  Wings cannot slice through s.teel box columns, they would break off and fall to the ground.  But there's no need to go so far because planes could not be used.

9-11 planes pilot: 9-11 was a LIE 

If you care, have a look at some flight management system tutorials, remember these hijacked aircraft were programmed to fly to LAX, they disconnect at a touch of any of the controls and the aircraft must be flown by hand until the FMS can be reprogrammed.  This is why pilots do not believe that these skyjackers could have succeeded.  They could not fly heavies by hand and they certainly could not have reprogrammed the FMS.

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911 Pentagon Flight Recorder Fraud Revealed


Skeptic Presents: You Can’t Handle the Truther

We are pleased to present the third in our series of videos that promote science and critical thinking through the use of humor, wit, and satire. In this video, You Can’t Handle the Truther, CIA Agents plot the 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon. If you missed our first two videos, check them out: The Con Academy and B.Y.T.H Busters: The Secret Law of Attraction.

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9-11 The Impossible Case of Flight 77

Revealed; The Men Who Own and Run the U S Government

They say it won't happen but... What if they say; "no chip no job"? Okay, so the older folks won't go for it, so they say: "younger employees must have a chip!" Yeah, that's work, then gradually keep moving the age limit up and keep increasing the number of vendors and services who can only sell to people with chips. You see, the young people will never figure out what's going on, because parents leave education to the schools. It's too much trouble to check to see if "Johnny or Sally" has learned to think critically, knows the difference between fact and opinion and such. Welcome to the brave new world. A new world odor is upon us and it stinks.

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