Wednesday, January 6, 2016

NEW Proof No Planes Hit Twin Towers. 9/11 Videos Are Fake!

After looking around youtube,  I came across videos where the poster of this video retracted his claim that the video was fake,  because the building that the wing passes behind,  on it's way to the south tower, is actually in the foreground and closer to the camera than the south tower.  Of course,  he still maintains that the image of the plane entering the building completely,  still proves the video is fake.  I must agree.

Here's why.  What he didn't notice is that,  while the wing passes behind a building that google earth shows is clearly in the foreground,  there's yet another building that is just as clearly in front of that building.  I've marked the place you can examine to assure yourself this is true.  Then,  if this building, is in front of the foreground building the wing passes behind,  then that building should be even closer to the camera.  So then,  why is smoke from the north tower obscuring the view of the right most side of that building?

Here's the image capture with my mark ups: TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE

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