Friday, May 10, 2019

'This Is Madness': Rudy Giuliani To Encourage Investigations In Ukraine ...

Giuliani has lost his mind. He's openly seeking a foreign country, of uncertain designs, to interfere in our elections by doing opposition research that may be illegal if done here. Any info he brings back will have to be tested for its veracity and by the CIA, FBI and the State Department for its intentions, influences and designs, not to mention its legality. Whether it illegally violates privacy/secrecy law or rules.  My guess is the house intelligence Committee should immediately subpoenae him with restrictions to prevent him from releasing any foreign intelligence/OPPO research, until the various agencies issue clearances. Should he violate the order he should not be played with, but immediately be given a heavy sentence, after a fair trial of course. 😆

Doesn't he know that meddling in an investigation is obstruction of justice? Meanwhile we have no way of knowing if he's not going to be fed something from Putin's FSB. Now wouldn't that be a kick in the head?  Worse yet the Senators and Representatives the voters have put in office to "MAGA" are submitting to the designs and plans of foreign nationals. Is that really what they are going to approve of with their 2020 votes? Wow! Just wow!

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