Friday, May 10, 2019

Here's how much Trump's China tariffs will cost you

China won't even think about blinking they are not retail sellers. They make parts and products for American mfg's and distributers so that's where the greatest risk and need for supply exists. If rising prices stop people from buying certain products, American companies either take the hit, fire workers or go bankrupt. All Trump has done is make doing business here more risky.

This is the result of his ignorance. It give birth to abject stupidity because he has no grasp of how anything works and he takes no advice from people who know.  He says China is cheating us. The truth is they are cheating themselves out of a more robust economy and greater social mobility, all in the name of bringing in business. They don't realize that they do so at great social and moral expense. So Trump, in effect ,attempts to solve the fake problem he imagines by punching himself in the face.   He will also trash anyone who comes to his aid. That's why Putin selected him as the ideal President.  Guess who fell for it? The people who thought Sarah Palin would make a great V.P. and hail "Joe the Plumber!"

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