Wednesday, May 4, 2016

9/11 The Real Evidence?

Jeb Bush Has His Nerve...   

He says his brother kept us safe.  Well,  let's see,  he sat in the school room and didn't even bother to call anyone to assure himself that anything was being done.  Rumsfeld was away and his authority was needed to scramble interceptors,  Cheney did nothing except show aggravation when questioned about whether or not some mysterious order,  apparently connected with the incoming hijacked flight 77, headed towards the capitol.  When he should have been calling to ensure that any authority needed was available to whomever needed approval.  As a result the Pentagon wasn't evacuated,  nor any other important building in the Capitol.

Then his brother,  based on the flimsy lopsided intelligence he and his cabal actually wanted, led us into two unnecessary wars costing thousands of Americans unnecessary loss of life and injuries.  Turned two nations into hot beds of insurgency,  while losing America the faith, trust and goodwill of the world.  As if that wasn't bad enough, then came Katrina,  where a housewife had to call out Condoleeza to interrupt her shopping and entertainment trip and get on the disaster that had been unfolding.  While Bush vacationed at his ranch clearing brush, then Abu Garhabe unfolded,  seems the "enhanced intorrogations" had gotten out of hand and turned to torture. Then his appointee Michael Chertof let "the dancing Israeli's go. We still don't know who let the Saudi's leave the country. 

Jeb, himself doesn't know whether to be for or against the war in Iraq.  Geeze, but with leadership like that, who needs enemies?

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