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Even the table of contents is damning reading. It's here:

In part one Mueller did not investigate Russia and collusion because he believed that the President and his people would resist being interviewed.  That would have resulted in long drawn out court battles which would likely run past the next election.  Remember, he would have needed to prove that the participants in any "Russian Collusion", actually knew that they were doing wrong. While I'm of the opinion that there would be ample evidence of the needed knowledge around, getting to it would not be an easy or speedy matter.  Better, then, that he devote his time to the more fruitful matter of obstruction, where there is ample proof sufficient to sustain a conviction.

Without reading the actual report, one would have no idea of how many Russian contacts there were, the suspicious nature of them, nor what they were about.  Even the table of contents listing of these meetings is frightening. Reading the details of what Mueller found will be equally shocking.
Mueller makes it clear that this report is being prepared for Congress, which has the power arrive at it's own conclusions (a trial),  He feels that, according to Justice Dept. rules of practice, he should not reach conclusions, because he has not the power to bring the case to trial.  It is a political trial process that Presidents are to be subjected to, therefore the case should not be prejudiced by conclusions the dept. has rules against him making.

 Okay, that said; Mueller has collected a massive amount of information that, if read, would lead one to conclude that coordination/conpiracy had actually occurred for several reasons, not the least of which would be: the sheer number of contacts/meetings and materials transferred and materials released. The cumulative effect of which was devastating to the Hillary campaign.

Anyone who has worked on a political campaign knows that information and advice constantly flows in and out. There are many interested parties who are in and outside the campaign staff, all of whom have knowledge of various types and kinds, that are believed to aid the campaign of their candidate of choice.  As such, when Trump calls on Russia in a public statement,  that would trigger a cascading avalanche of advice and warnings to the campaign, about the illegality of receiving assistance from foreign actors.  Thus it is impossible that the campaign did not know the risks involved in attending the Trump Tower and other Russian meetings. Which is reasonably the cause of such highly placed people, placing their own well being at risk, by perjuring themselves to Congressional Committees.

Please bookmark these report sites and take a note of where you leave off so that you can come back and pick up again.  Because it is unlikely many people will be able to read it all in one sitting (we do have lives don't we?).  Be well and aware our freedoms and country depends upon it.

From the "Introduction to Part One" Paragraph three, we learn that George Papadopoulos reported to a foreign government that he had  knowledge that a foreign government was intent on interfering with our elections on behalf of DJT.  That foreign government that George spoke to, then reported the matter to the FBI.  Question, why didn't George report this to the FBI himself? Where the foreign government Papadopoulos reported to had enough good sense to report to the FBI.  George is guilty of misprison of felony as would be anyone else who knew of this matter and did not report it.  Misprison of felony does not require the accused to have knowledge that what they were doing is illegal in the same way as coordinating with a foreign government does. Just a thought,

"In late July 2016, soon after WikiLeaks's first release of stolen documents, a foreign government contacted the FBI about a May 2016 encounter with Trump Campaign foreign policy advisor George Papadopoulos. Papadopoulos had suggested to a representative of that foreign government that the Trump Campaign had received indications from the Russian government that it could assist the Campaign through the anonymous release of information damaging to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. That information prompted the FBI on July 31, 2016, to open an investigation into whether individuals associated with the Trump Campaign were coordinating with the Russian government in its interference activities."

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Misselaneious said...

I firmly agree. There were too many contacts by too many campaign people to not think there was coordination. Plus, why gloss over the fact that respondents lied, didnt answer and destroyed documents. Lastly, Why? Why did this campaign "think" it was necessary to get help from Russia? Who suggested this idea? Why was it considered? Volume I tells me there were many misdemeanors and that is sufficient to impeach. Volume II is on a different level, it demands a call for impeachment...