Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Gears Begin To Turn On Congress Follow-Through On Mueller report | Rache...

ReSpublicans don't like to hear the word "treason" being used to describe how they're either turning against the nation or supporting those who do.  So, it is to this end that they caused the technical definition of the word, to prove that it's being used improperly.  Okay, technically that is true but, consider that the people using the term aren't lawyers or even professionals, thus they have license to use words they find descriptive of the actions they observe.  To this end, "treason" at colloquial use, precisely describes actions that are against the U.S. that favor the interests of enemy or even adversarial nations.

Obviously treason needs to be updated at law and brought into the 21st century with an inclusion of actions, against the nation, that favor a foreign adversary, by a person pledged as a patriot and not just when done during a war.  Especially since, in the 21st century, wars are not what they once were, today we have cyber wars that are battles for the hearts and minds of the citizens and the world.  One side fights to bring all people under the rule of a single person or group of people, while the other side advocates for a system where power is in many hands with institutions to provide checks and balances against corruption and special interests.  Such that the citizens are largely self governing. 

With the powers of government available to anyone to redress grievance, the powers of government are to be shared for the good of society. Instead of being greedily held by a despot and his/her cadre of cohorts.

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