Saturday, March 30, 2019

Adam Schiff: Barr Memo Claim On Need For Obstruction Decision 'Flimsy' |...

Barr had better be very careful not to lie. He could be charged with either obstruction or contempt of Congress. It is galling to see so many public officials mistreat Congress members with their own versions of "facts" with no support, as Betsy DeVoss for example, who; not only wasted precious Congressional time, preventing and/or slowing the corrective processes, but who showed utter contempt for Congressional oversight powers, by spewing some half baked inane garbage she made up "on the fly" for which she couldn't produce any material or studies.  Taking the committee and it's authority as some sort of joke.

While I understand Congressional reluctance to use contempt citations as a tool, because of the political nature of many examinations. Congress is being treated with such contempt of itself, it is approaching the point of becoming almost laughably ineffective. With the possibility of personal penalties in the offing, I doubt; these Trump syncopants, would have much stomach to make their dodging efforts.

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