Sunday, September 29, 2019

Jake Tapper fact-checks Rep. Jim Jordan on Ukraine scandal

Jim Jordan is brainless.  He knows better than this, but he thinks the audience doesn't.  The 50k/yr thing can't be overtly used against J.B. because there was nothing illegal about it.  It could have been used by mentioning it in passing and just let it hang in the air.  It has an "odor" that, if left alone could possibly cost Joe a few points but that's as far as it gets you.  Now that the Republicans have pushed it so hard that it had to be explained again and again, it's lost any negative value it might have had.  I think Biden will easily recover any loss over the next few weeks as Trump and his Republican cronies roast over his open impeachment flames.

Worse yet will be if it is determined that this material being hidden could have been of use to the investigations going on against them, because then it becomes a conspiracy to obstruct justice.

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