Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Secretary Betsy DeVos Wants To Cut Federal Work-Study Program Funds | Ve...

When idiots are appointed to high offices the problems at the bottom go unsolved. Before you know it you have an organization that can nolonger function. The only thing holding this administration together is that the problems are going unreported as yet, because complaints are stuck in the channels. But soon they will be impossible to conceal, but by that time we will have total disaster on our hands. We will have to either shutter much of our commerce, or import more highly trained foreign workers.

Americans who are unable to afford school will be forced to sit on the sidelines and watch as foreigners take the jobs and enjoy the good life, while complaining about how "those lazy Americans" sit around collecting welfare checks. Don't think so? Well 4 to 8 years is a sizeable portion of the average academic life of students. Trump has ruined four years and if we are lucky, we can turn the mess around in the next four years. That's 8 years wasted setting America back in a highly competitive world.

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