Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Eric Holder Unloads On Senator Mitch McConnell: 'Unpatriotic' | The Beat...

Barr's enflagrante syncopants on full frontal display. Okay, wait for the actual report to not clear Trump of conspiracy, before you conclude that Barr is attempting an unethical cover up and his very own attempt to obstruct justice. But, as for me, I'm going to jump to the conclusion that all that lying wasn't being done to cover up innocent activity. Hahaha.

Sure, the guy standing over the body with the smoking gun in his hand, might no be the murderer. But if he lies about how he came to be in that position,  really?  An innocent person with something so serious to hide, that it will send him to the gas chamber or a lethal injection?

Can that really make any sense?  So I leap to the conclusion that the guy I see firing the weapon at the deceased is the culprit.  Only in Trumpworld does reason and logic fail.

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