Saturday, December 1, 2018


Recovery Rocks

The 2018 farm bill is currently going to ban
convicted felons with a drug record from
participating in the hemp industry.

This is going to be interesting.

 When Wal-Mart places a huge order to fill
all their stores, is the law not going to allow
them too? As their are plenty of drug convicted
felons that work for Walmart.

Mary at checkout sells cbd gummies, Mary is a
convicted drug offender, Mary gets busted as
she sold to a cop, poor Mary, she has 3 kids took
take care of, she now has to take a day off to go
to court and miss a full minimum wage 8 hour day
of work. Mary goes to court, hmm, gee Mary you
sold a undercover cop a bag of cbd gummy bears.
Shame on you, you have a past drug conviction, you
shouldn't be selling a now legal product (after
farm bill passes). Oh, what's that Mary you're on

Whats the consequences? Mary violates probation,
goes back to jail now facing to do whatever time she
has left. Mary loses her job, apartment and kids
possibly? Wal-Mart gets fined?

This ban makes no sense at all. Most companies
won't even be able to sell cbd as most companies
hire convicted drug felons. Making hemp legal is
a major step forward, banning convicted drug felons
is moving backwards.

Please make some noise on this ban because it
needs to be taken out the 2018 farm bill!

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