Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The so called "Debunkers" are Bonkers...

The "Debunkers" are bonkers... They believe that because they can make assertions those assertions are true. Oh yeah, I've spoken to experts and they say that if I ride a unicorn to the end of a rainbow I can get the Leprechauns pot of gold. SMH "All the hijackers had to do is punch in JFK and the plane flies to JFK". They have no idea what they're talking about. In the search box above put in "flight management system" which is what the "auto-pilot" is actually named. In one of these videos you'll learn that an airports code is a four digit code, not a three digit one. In another video you'll learn that, because the flight management system flies the plane to a destination using "way points", you have to be able to tell the unit where your starting point is, which in this case would be the location where you are changing the destination. So, before you can punch in the four digit code, you have to enter your present latitude and longitude. Pilots will get these numbers from the control tower. The FMS will pick up the lat/long automatically only when you are at your assigned airport boarding gate. Any other time and place it has to be discovered/determined and entered. Once you see the FMS system pad, you'll realize it takes quite a bit of training to learn how to operate it, hardly something a poor student is going to be able to grasp in a few minutes or retain over many months without constant practice. So serious these debunkers, they're actually little more than self deluded clowns.

Back in the days before the internet, we used to go to places like Washington Square Park and hang out by the fountain.  While there discussions would start about various matters. People would gather around and listen to people discussing various subjects and move from group to group until they found a discussion that interested them.  When a speaker had made their point,  you could ask questions or take the other side etc.  Thinking back, I'm really amazed at how civil these discussions and debates were.  Even when issues were being hotly debated,  the discussions remained civil. The "crowd" would not tolerate anyone cutting a speaker off,  nor would they simply swallow fabrications,  there was always someone there who knew enough to enlighten.

In such a format these debunkers wouldn't last five minutes before they'd have to slink away in shame. Because they couldn't "preach to the choir", and when answers were called for, you either had them or you didn't.  If you made things up you were gently but firmly called out on it by a murmur of assent or disapproval from the group of listeners and, of course, asked more questions and to explain your answers. But the greatest lesson you learned from speaking in the park was that, you never, ever need to fear the public, because they are decidedly civil and they adhere firmly to a sense of fairness. An error or two does not disqualify a speaker, only his insistence on things that don't make sense and a dogged unwillingness to drop it, turns people away.  They don't fight or scream, they just move away and form another group several feet away. If the miscreant tries to join the new group, he's not welcomed and everyone remains quiet until he leaves.  It was just that simple. 

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