Friday, July 15, 2016

They had no planes on 911

The fact is, they had no planes.

Because they had no hijackers,  all they had was a hastily pulled together list of Muslim names, some of whom were probably dead already and some of whom were later found to be quite alive.

They had a passport and a drivers license, but were in a quandary as to how they could be used, running out of time, they decided on the simple expedient of "finding" them in the area nearby. Leaving the public to surmise that; oh yeah, the passport and license just happened to escape the fiery plane crashes that consumed everything else and brought down the buildings besides.  Thus,  they would rely on public emotion and grief to stop people from thinking about the details.  Details which could only lead to the unthinkable conclusion that insiders,  not terrorists,  were behind these events.

Rather than reach such unpalatable conclusions,  people would rather believe that perhaps someone was misspeaking and/or that early reports were being garbled/mangled,  thus giving a false impression of what "could not possibly have occurred".

Meanwhile, they knew they could not use planes. No matter what, they knew that real planes would not go completely inside the buildings. Thus, damage to the buildings, if it was to appear to be great enough to compromise the structures, would have to be created by explosives.

So, if you tried to use real planes, you'd have to have some way to fly them into exact points on the towers, to match where the explosives were planted. You would have to have them arrive at the exact point in time of detonation.  Then you would have to have them strike at the precise attitude that the explosives would create the impact pattern to display. 

In such a scenario there would be no room for error. But, there is no system, automated or otherwise, that could provide the accuracy necessary. So, you can't use real planes, because if you did, you'd also have the even more complex task of providing bodies, luggage, plane parts id and some means of controlling all of it so that it didn't fall into the wrong hands and expose the effort. That would put too many operatives on location for what was supposedly a surprise attack!

Despite that some will say, that they couldn't do it this way, because of this or that, the fact remains that they've been successful for the last 15 years of keeping the cover up going. Worse yet is the fact that key people, who might have had things to say to the contrary of the official story, have died of "accidents" or "suicide". Which, of course, makes it hard to build a case. The toxicity of the air, in the aftermath, guarantees that many eyewitnesses will have a very short life span remaining.  That, coupled with the additional time to create more fake evidence,  suborn more fake testimony,  chances are greater that so many of the real facts can be compromised, contested, confused or otherwise mangled, that no successful detection of the real perps could be had.

We know for a fact that, at any crime scene, the guilty party(ies), (are) is the only ones interested in preventing any investigation. So, then, how did OBL prevent an investigation from uncovering his guilty? Or should we think that we'd get better results if Al Capone were put in charge of the FBI? Yeah! Right!?

What Happened to the Planes and Passengers on 9-11?

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