Monday, July 18, 2016

Behind the Smoke Curtain - The 9/11 Pentagon Attack by Barbara Honegger

It certainly does appear that large numbers of American citizens, would prefer a much simpler political life, under a strong dictator, loping off heads every once in a while, in uncontrollable fits of paranoia.

I can't, for the life of me, think of a reason the wealthy and notable people of America, would not want to live under an unrestrained form of government, with a leader free to do whatever he or she chooses to do to whomever they choose to do it to.  If that isn't a discription of Utopia,  I don't have a clue what could be.

While elected officials and many people say they love America's Constitution, the actions they have been supporting go decidedly against that proposition, and actions speak much louder than words. You'd certainly think that history's lessons would provide the nation with a tsunami of fear against growing government powers, most especially when based on offers of gov't protection against things to fear. After all, even since the nations founding, there have always been things to fear. For two hundred years the people had resisted allowing or calling for government legislation to protect them against those fears and we did just fine without it.

We're told that until the imagined government caused crisis arrives, those who warn that it may come, are "nutcase conspiracy theorists".  A claim that will work well because, by the time such a crisis does arrive, it will be too late to do much of anything about it. Nevertheless I sincerely doubt that people keeping quiet today, are going to like what they are allowing to happen once it unfolds in all it's gory.

But hey,  like Hitler's Germany,  the pols kept making deals to secure the peace and everyone thought;  "How could things ever get any worse?  After all, that would make no senes!  So, it has to be that those warning of trouble are just crazy and can be ignored!"  Only they shouldn't have been ignored because things did keep getting worse,  even while making ever less sense. 

Claudius's thesis was that; yes,  you can take over the world,  but to do it you will have to use friendship rather than weapons.   This is because the use of force requires a strong economy to provide a steady and reliable revenue stream to support the forces.  But that same use of force,  eventually bleeds the economy dry and that causes the use of force to have to be turned against the people.  That destroys society and that, in turn, disables the economy.  As production declines even the military must scramble for the remaining resources,  so they move the politicians over and assume control themselves.  Of course, because soldiers only tool in the box is brutality,  nothing gets better until the armies disolve.

Then the process starts again.  Farmers begin to produce and a society forms,  which requires a gov't to manage distribution among other things.  The gov't builds an army for protections, and the army keeps increasing it's power over gov't,  and the cycle down begins again as greedy psychopaths take power again.

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