Thursday, June 2, 2016

9/11 Hijacker Body Found In Cockpit FOX Sept 13 2001

Uh huh, you didn't believe just how stupid they think the average person actually is,  to air this report you'd have to believe that everyone is nearly overdosed on drugs.  I mean just look at how the story is supposed to go now;  planes fully enters the buildings,  buildings explode into dust.  No furniture, file cabinets,  no bodies, concrete flooring,  steel floor pans,  thousands of steel trusses that supported the floors,  no toilets,  no sinks, no mirrors,  no tiles,  nothing but the largest steel members survive.  You can't even find a piece of the massive Hat Trusses.  Yet,  not only has a paper passport survived,  but a hijacker strapped into the captains chair and a flight attendant with her hands tied behind her back! 

Let's see. fake plane goes completely inside the building where everything gets turned to dust, bodies, furniture, concrete, steel, but a paper passport and a cockpit with a hijacker strapped into the pilots seat, somehow manages to survive in one piece? Who writes this stuff? Not to mention that all but one of the hijackers on flight 11 were found alive. So now the official story has to be that; one hijacker with a box cutter, overcame two combat trained pilots to take control of the plane. Then, without knowing how the plane was loaded, he managed to fly the heavy aircraft by hand to his destination, without being able to read a single instrument. I'll give a non-instrument rated pilot, about 5 minutes in the cockpit of a heavy before he has a serious problem on his hands, if he isn't experienced flying heavy aircraft the mission is doomed to failure in under 10 minutes.


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