Sunday, May 29, 2016

Illuminati Exposed by Bill Schnoebelen I

In building a secret society, "compromise" is the name of the game.  Members and subsequent inductee's are initiated into the group by having them perform secret,  socially/personally unacceptable rituals.  Like homosexual acts, of which the new member will be ashamed of having revealed. At each step up in grade, the acts become more and more socially/personally unacceptable, leaving the doer ever more compromised.  Then,  to be promoted to the highest levels,  the acts they must perform will be increasingly, personally objectionable and eventually illegal.  Thus the member is beholden to the leadership not to have his/her secrets revealed.  This securely ensures secrecy and trust even when the most onerous tasks are to be performed. They perform even the most personally objectionable/illegal acts to reach the next grade up, having come so far, they are unwilling to forfeit advancement,  most especially in the eyes of their peers.

Even if they won't perform immediately, not a problem,  as they become increasingly aware of the benefits their refusal denies them,  they screw up their noses and relent,  as to tolerate a moments discomfit becomes preferable to being left behind while their peers advance.  Peer pressure is extremely powerful.

This "glue" ensures that members can trust other members,  so as members achieve higher status in society at large, they must bring in other members,  to ensure that inviolable trust will never be broken.  If one member must take a fall, the secret society will "catch" them and ensure the members survival.  The pervasiveness of a large secret society is incredibly difficult to beat.  Most especially in a nation of laws, where cases must be won on evidence and testimony,  which is easily compromised.  Thus the SS can call on a wide variety of members, in a wide variety of positions,  from police to politicians to bureaucrats, scholars, technicians, doctors, lawyers and lay people, to perform whatever task is asked of them.  All are compromised people, they have little choice but to rely on the knowledge that the SS will protect them from harm, loss of income, livelihood, career, credentials and the like and even from criminal actions brought against them.

These are truly super powerful people. Now speculate what would happen if such a secret society were to become infiltrated.  The entire apparatus would belong to the infiltrators.  These are the kinds of dangers that JFK was speaking about,  although he never got the chance to give it to us in so many words.

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