Friday, May 20, 2016

Behind the Smoke Curtain - The 9/11 Pentagon Attack by Barbara Honegger


If Gore had not conceded the contest would have gone to the house of reps.  Unfortunately,  with the military industrial complex behind the media,  the pressure was too great for Gore to concede.
As far as this missile take,  I don't know,  it doesn't seem right for some reason.  Why bother with a missile which could be detected or traced,  when the simplest solution is to simply plant explosives and fuel,  confiscate videos and use the media and the rest of the apparatus already in place?  Why even chance that some hot shot fly boy off course or otherwise in the right place at the right time, might interfere with the plan or bear witness to it?  A planted bomb would be unstoppable and leave no insurmountable witnesses behind.  I haven't finished watching, it's 3 hrs long, but so far she's only showing a very select few pictures,  nothing that clearly establishes her claims much at all.

Okay,  I'm at 2:21:30 and she's hitting the Aces on all of the points bar none so far.  After having been told so many lies,  one is correct to suspect everything that hasn't been double checked,  or maybe even triple checked,  this is passing the smell test for me so far.

Okay, finished,  she loses a little in the q and a,  but not much.  Most of the people who might have contributed work on the 911 project would not know it.  They would not be allowed to know what they were actually doing,  while work,  whose purpose could not be concealed,  would be left to special ops people. Thousands of people would not be needed.  As far as the plane hitting the south tower,  it never happened,  no matter what anyone says they saw,  there simply is no way a jet can fly totally into the building without breaking apart, it's just too flimsy.  So, perhaps they saw a plane fly pass the building, or perhaps they imagined they did because of the tv images they saw. Just look:
Fake as seen on tv...

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