Sunday, May 15, 2016

9/11 Trillions: Follow The Money

 Following the money lets one get an image of the knowledge trail. Obviously, not everyone along the knowledge trail took financial advantage of it. Obviously a spy(s), sent to document the event, would not have much, if any, knowledge of how such information might be of use to configure a successful trading strategy. Further, "need to know" would obscure the information needed to pinpoint the precise potential profit centers.

In FTM we see the quantity and quality of these high risk picks, what isn't so obvious is the attendant precision. This becomes clear, only after the question; "Who needed to know what to create this trading configuration?" Only then does a look across the board begin to yield a clearer picture. Observe that "off the scale" trades were placed with a, rather flimsy, attempt at masking. Does this indicate haste? Or, a novice? Or, an insider with knowledge of where the critical information will be stored and consequently destroyed?

Another question is, if a "super" user is key, why not simply spread a single massive targeted trade across many fictitious accounts? Why pick several profit centers and apportion the investment funds between them? This trading pattern we see in the FTM, seems to indicate that, some one with some trading/financial knowledge, is attempting to spread the benefits among several cohorts, either by passing the knowledge among them, or making arrangements on their behalf. While it is also possible that several insiders arrived at these strategies on their own and implemented them independently. That would account for one of the trades going uncollected while the inability to identify the trader, only says that they are some powerful person, who is receiving the same "royal" treatment that others too close to the flames has received.

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