Sunday, October 18, 2015

WW2 From the Germans Point of View HD

This is what "Holocaust Denial" looks like.  Posted by "14Realitycheck88",  where the 88 should give away the neo nazi source as that' 88 stands for HH the eight letter of the alphabet Heil Hitler.

If you don't know or can't see what's wrong with this video,  or can't identify the misinformation it contains,  then you don't really know enough about WWII,  you shouldn't watch this video until you've had a chance to find out more. 

It fails to inspire any sympathy in me for the most part,  even though I can't see how trading atrocities does any good.  But it does inform that perhaps Germans did place value on the lives of women and children,  so then,  why is my head filled with pictures of naked women and children being marched naked to their deaths then incinerated?  Medical experimentation and people being worked to death ring any bells?  Suffice it to say this video is nothing but propaganda,  it's many false premises are easy to refute.  

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