Saturday, February 14, 2015

SC Senator Says 'Woman Are A Lesser Cut Of Meat' Than Men

With each passing day, another Republican politician spews misogynistic nonsense. I still don't think I'm getting numb to it yet, but I wonder if that's their end game. To say so much vitriolic crap on a continuous basis that we don't find it offensive any more. Republican SC State Senator Tom Corbin is no stranger to the stupid or the acerbic language that has infected southern politicians. He coauthored a bill that would exempt unorganized militias from federal government and firearm restrictions.
A state Senate panel today unanimously cleared a bill that would allow South Carolinians to keep legally-acquired firearms and ammunition regardless of any gun-control steps the U.S. Congress might take.
I imagine he'd send Cliven Bundy a Paypal donation to help his cause. Corbin's boorish behavior also extends to the ladies, where he feels men are far superior because of Adam's rib.

A Republican state senator in South Carolina called women “a lesser cut of meat” and suggested that they belonged barefoot and pregnant, the libertarian-leaning blog FITS News reports. READ MORE

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