Monday, January 2, 2012

A Moment of Pure Astonishment, Again

by: William Rivers Pitt, Truthout | Op-Ed 
Tea Party Nation activists calls for small business to "stop hiring," to protest Obama, Democrats.
It is no easy thing to astonish me. The deep, dark mineshaft of the 21st century has produced some of the most gruesome, appalling, horrifying acts and behaviors ever seen on the skin of the Earth, and it has been my job to report on them, to chronicle them, and to try and make sense of them. The dangerous thing about this job, if you do it long enough, is the callus that builds up over your heart and head. It's a necessary thing; you can endure only so much for so long before the urge to run screaming through the streets tries to take hold, and if that happens, you're no good to anyone except your bail bondsman.
I reported on October 4, 2001 about George W. Bush looking into a brace of news cameras to shill for tax cuts - he smiled as he did it - not even a month after the Towers collapsed, even as we were shaking the ashes of friends and co-workers out of our hair. I reported on Karl Rove telling GOP congressional hopefuls to "run on the war," meaning Iraq, months before the war had actually been unleashed.  READ MORE

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