Saturday, July 23, 2011

Why Republicans Persist in Demanding the Elimination of 700,000 Jobs: Must Read by Robert Creamer


Last week, the economy showed more evidence that the Administration's economic stimulus programs, rescue of the auto industry, investments in clean energy, extension of unemployment compensation, past aid to the states and other measures are beginning to lead to job growth. In March, the economy added 219,000 new jobs - bringing total private sector job growth to 1.8 million in the last 13 months.

This rate of job growth is far short of what is needed to return us to full employment - or even the more modest levels of unemployment that preceded Bush's Great Recession. But Obama's 1.8 million new jobs is 1.8 million more than the zero net private sector jobs created in the eight years of the Bush Administration using the Republican program of tax cuts for the rich.

The first decade of this century was also the first decade in our economic history that experienced no private sector job growth whatsoever. You'd think that this great experiment in trickle down economics would be enough to convince anyone with more than five brain cells to string together that trickle down economics doesn't work - but apparently not.

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