Friday, July 15, 2011

Rupertgate continues to grow as calls for U.S. investigations begin

Rupertgate continues to grow as calls for U.S. investigations begin

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Six Reasons To Demand An Investigation Into Whether News Corp. Hacked In The U.S.
Reported by Ellen - July 11, 2011

As the News Corporation phone hacking scandal mushrooms, it appears that Murdoch’s New York-based Les Hinton has some serious ‘splaining to do. Since 2007, Hinton has been chief executive of Dow Jones, publisher of the Wall Street Journal. But before that, he was chairman of News Corp.’s UK publishing umbrella, News International. The phone hacking didn’t just happen under Hinton’s watch, there’s new evidence he may have helped cover it up. Hinton told a British parliamentary committee that the paper in question, Britain’s now-defunct News of the World, had conducted a “full, rigorous internal inquiry” and concluded that the hacking had been the work of a rogue reporter. That statement has been proven utterly false, of course, and now there are questions about whether Hinton saw beforehand internal News International reports of more widespread hacking. But the presence in New York of a News Corp. exec who may have tacitly or otherwise approved of such illegal tactics (and then lied about it) is only one reason why Americans should be concerned about similar practices being employed in the United States. There are at least five more.

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