Monday, March 4, 2019

Karma Catches Up To County Official Who Called Michelle Obama An Ape In ...

.Hahaha serves her right! But his point is frightening, to say the least. Some one else needs to go to jail for rehiring her. A detective once told me that very many financial crimes are committed by people on the inside. They work by having some fall guy take the blame for a share of the loot.

With that in mind, it very well seems she was hired again and again, just to steal so they could split the loot. That could explain how this continues to happen. Because she's a woman she isn't likely to get much time as a rule. Maybe this time things will be different but Judges are still predisposed to go easy on women. But, with this Administration being so corrupt, I wouldn't put it pass them to have a "friendly" prosecutor on the beat, to plea bargain down the charges so that the fall guys/gals could get out of jail in time to make Happy Hour.

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