Tuesday, February 26, 2019


I can understand why Trump supporters are so vehemently averse to even the most basic oversight and so terrified of the multiple ongoing investigations into Trump's campaign, inaugural committee, transition team, charitable foundation, organization, and personal finances.

Those of his close associates that are not already going to Federal prison have either already pleaded guilty and are awaiting trial or are actively cooperating with the Federal Prosecutors running those many criminal and counterintelligence investigations.

Objective Facts; (not subjective or speculative.)

Non-Special Counsel Investigations; Eastern and Southern New York Federal District Court:

The Trump Inaugural Committee:
 •Subpoena for documents of donors and guests
•Straw donor and foreign investments inquiry Federal New York State Attorney General: The Trump Foundation
•Allegations it served as, "checkbook for personal and family purposes." •Accusations of unlawfully coordinating with Election Campaign

New York State Dept of Taxation and Finance:
The Trump Organization
•Investigation into potential Trump Organization "Tax Scheme," and Tax Evasion allegations

Special Counsel Robert Mueller-related;
US Dept of Justice: Trump Transition Team •Revealed in Michael Flynn Court documents that the Trump Transition Team is being investigated for potential contacts with Russians US Dept of Justice Special Counsel Investigation:

Trump Presidential Campaign •investigation into Russian Meddling in the 2016 Election, and Potential Trump Campaign Coordination in Russian Efforts •Investigation into Potential Trump Obstruction of Justice
••Trump associates; George Papadopoulos- Pleaded Guilty
Paul Manafort- Pleaded Guilty
Rick Gates- Pleaded Guilty
Michael Flynn- Pleaded Guilty
Richard Pinedo- Pleaded Guilty
Michael Cohen- Pleaded Guilty
Roger Stone- Indicted
••And Russians; Konstantin Kliminik- Indicted 12 Russian GRU Officers- Indicted And, 13 Russian citizens- Indicted
All that is NOT including the Executive Branch oversight that the House and Senate are sworn to conduct in their legislative capacity. (I/E The ongoing Senate intelligence and Judiciary committee investigations, and the recently announced House Intelligence Committee Investigation.)

Admitting you're a Trump supporter stopped being something to be proud of a LONG time ago now wearing the MAGA hat only has the effect of announcing to the wider world that you're more susceptible to persuasion by a two bit, back-alley, CON MAN than the average human being. And, before you try using the, "but Trump's associates were indicted for, 'process crimes,' like lying to investigators, that has nothing to do with Russia!" talking point argument, keep in mind the evidence is PUBLIC facing the facts are a Google search away. For example; Paul Manafort wasn't indicted for, "Process Crimes," like the current Right-wing talking points attest.

Don't let ANYONE, in their efforts to defend Trump's innocence, tell you otherwise! According to his Eastern District of Virginia Federal charging documents; When it came to Paul Manafort's work with Ukraine, in the Illegal, unregistered lobbying he did with the Pro-Russian political elements in Ukraine, prosecutors explain, in detail, how Manafort; "Duped members of Congress, and the Executive Branch by having them meet with European Officials who purported to be, 'independant, credible authorities on what the US should do with it's policy toward Ukraine," when, in fact, Manafort had those people on his payroll, with the help of his benefactor, the recently ousted Pro-Russian Ukrainian Dictator, Viktor Yanukovych. And that's only ONE of the many charges Manafort pleaded guilty to, and it's only in the Eastern District of Virginia case lol his sentencing for the Federal crimes he pleaded guilty to in Washington DC takes place later in March

And here's the collusion:
Jared Kushner Letting Donald Trump Jr. Take The Fall

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