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GOP’s Racist Rhetoric Making neo-Nazis White Supremacist EXCITED for an All-white Future

In 1927, Donald Trump’s father was arrested after a Klan riot in Queens

Trump was raised in a racist household where he was exposed to and encouraged to believe in white supremacy and privilege from a father who wore his sheets in public with pride, here have a look:

Racism Is 'A Persistent Infection' In White American Culture

Donald Trump Remarks Aid White Supremacists' Political Ambitions

In 1927, Donald Trump’s father was arrested after a Klan riot in Queens

GOP’s Racist Rhetoric Making neo-Nazis White Supremacist EXCITED for an All-white Future

Trump is a poor man's
idea of a rich man,

An uneducated man's
idea of a smart man,

A coward's idea of a brave man...

and a gullible fool's
idea of a great President


New findings have physicists questioning reality

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