Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Live: Rod Rosenstein Testifies Before Senate on Russia Investigation | N...

Trying to prove Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn innocent is a fools errand (see the link below on Flynn) All of which is besides the point since Mitch McConnell and other Republicans agreed that the Impeachment Managers had made there case and proved that Trump had, in fact, committed the acts charged, but that they didn't believe that those acts (obstructing justice) were sufficient reason to impeach him or remove him from office and therefore they would dismiss the articles of impeachment without a trial.  If I recall, Carter Page was already known to have been recruited by Russians while in college,  thus there was good and substantial reason to watch him interact with his Russian handlers.  Of course I could be wrong. But here:
Law professor on Carter Page surveillance, Russia ties and Trump campaign
And This:
Chris Hayes: Carter Page FISA Argument Makes No Sense


BUSTED!!! Trump & His Kids Profiting Off Hydroxychloroquine Manufacturer, Sanofi!

Trump Destroys The U.S. Government Institutions:

McConnell Takes 'Moscow Mitch' Nickname Home To Kentucky (He's invincible now, see why click link above)

President Donald Trump's Number Of False Claims Rising

Under Trump, Formerly Stalwart CDC Goes Soft On Meat Plants | Rachel

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