Saturday, December 28, 2019

#WashWeekPBS: The Senate impeachment trial

Question: Are Evangelicals moral or amoral? I would think that a moral group would have pulled away from Trump much sooner, so it appears to me that Evangelicals are amoral people, they appear to support cheating, lying and bullying among other things, and they support Russia, China and N. Korea over the United States of America, even though those countries are not religious freedom purveyors and would imprison them if they were to take over. While nazi treatment of Russians during WWII was a Russian Holocaust involving rape, pillage and indiscriminate murders, means they would be unlikely to enjoy freedom of speech, less life for very long at the hands of Putin. I'd sure like to be there when white supremacists try to sell their wares to a Chinese audience, I doubt they'd survive very long at all.

They are wrecking the only country on earth where they can safely peddle their crap! How stupid is that?

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