Thursday, December 26, 2019

Freshmen Dems ‘Changing Everything’ For Trump | The Last Word | MSNBC

CEO's are dependant upon the crush of the ol' boys club to beat down recalcitrant Congresspeople.
Republicans are trying to bring back serfs and vassals again to build up nobility.  In actual fact they are only attempting to hand the reigns of America over to our adversaries who have out thought our leadership.  Putin will conquer, if he can, by dividing us against Nazi's and White Supremacists among other bigots and evangelicals,  but what these Trumpenkreigers don't realize is that Putin nor China have any use for them and will imprison and eviscerate them the moment they get the chance.
So, go ahead Evangelicals and undermine the religious freedom you enjoy.
So go ahead White Supremacist and undermine your freedom of speech.
So go ahead Nazi's and empower Putin, if you're aware of the 2nd World War, you'll know that Putin and Russians have a particularly deep hatred for Nazi's.  You idiots do not know just how unbelievably stupid you are.

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