Friday, December 6, 2019

Day 1,050: Okaying Impeachment Articles, Pelosi Says Democracy Is At Sta...

Anyone who knows Germany's history knows that Hitler took over by having his Nazi party walk out of legislative meetings, thereby blocking any legislation until he was appointed Chancellor. From that position he did away with all laws and made himself "King" with the power of life and death over every single citizen from which there was no appeal.  You were either with him or you were dead, striped of your property and separated from your family, if not all of them and you shipped to a concentration camp.  Trump has hired people who are capable of committing genocide for what they believe.  They won't say so outright, but the indications are there.  Be warned,  if you are voting republican because you believe something about government should be changed,  you are destroying our government and you will not be able to get what you want.  Worse yet is, if you express any dissatisfaction you will be taken and made to suffer greatly.

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