Friday, September 27, 2019

Whistleblower: President Donald Trump’s Own Staff Thought He Abused Offi...

This is a display of the very height of incompetence in the Presidential Office.  The very goal Trump was seeking; that he could somehow defeat Joe Biden, was already within his grasp, only he and his incompetent staff did not and was not able to recognize it.  The mere fact that Joe Biden's son was able to obtain a job, as a board member, that payed him 600k/year, was enough to seriously cripple his campaign.  Instead, Trump's staff let Trump continue to think that nothing less than charging his opponent with a crime, was the only way he could win.  Not even paying attention to the fact that there were more opponents as good or better to worry about.

So, only after the damage is done are they able to recognize that something improper and highly inappropriate and likely criminal had taken place.  Then they engaged in a criminal conspiracy to try to cover up the crime.  How fitting it is that they are all now facing jail time.

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