Saturday, September 28, 2019

Fox News' "Serious News Guy" Chris Wallace is definitely not playing for Team Trump. On two separate occasions on Friday, Wallace rejected the opportunity to be a Trump-fluffer, instead speaking some truth to their viewers, truth they desperately need to hear.

First, Wallace called Trump's defenders "deeply misleading." Then, in this clip, he goes off on Trump himself for his characterization of the whistle-blower and the White House employees who told him about Trump's wrongdoing as "spies."

Wallace was not having it, interrupting host Sandra Smith.

"That is very deeply troubling," he said. "These are people inside an administration saying something is going on that they were very deeply troubled by."

"There's a whistleblower process that allows people inside the government to report on activities that they were concerned by. They didn't go to the NY Times -- go to MSNBC, they told this to a person who filed a formal whistleblower complaint which stayed secret for over a month," he stressed.

Clearly irritated, he said, "To call them spies and to suggest perhaps we should deal with them, the way we have dealt with other people committing treason and which is in effect, to execute them, really seems to strike to the very heart of what whistle-blowers are all about." READ MORE

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